About Us

First, we are so happy that you found our blog and want to thank you for choosing to visit us. We hope you find something that you will be interested in, different foods and diets, nutrition, fitness and exercises, yoga and an overall healthy lifestyle which is our passion. We have been working for years at creating interesting reading information and hope you find things that will benefit you.


We have been pretty much “Jack of All Trades” individuals our entire life. With me, I have been a farmer for years, advertising business owner and travel photographer currently.

Laurel has been a little of it all from running a printing business to writer and blogger and now a digital nomad and videographer.

We decided a number of years ago that as we had gotten older we had focused on work and career so much that we had missed out on the world. Our decision was to pack everything we could in our rolling duffel bags and sell everything else. Not a popular decision with all of our family members, in fact, some thought we were “nuts”.

I can’t say that the life of a Digital Nomad is easy or always convenient but it is always interesting. The first thing you will notice is that life is simply not like back home. The rest of the world is different in so many ways, some good and some bad, but the discovery is worth the little bit of bad. One thing that is universal, though, is people from all countries are starting to move towards a healthier way of living and eating.

During our travels, we have seen all of the major things such as Rome, Venice, Paris, Thailand, and Bali to name a few. We have also been down some less traveled roads such as Mongolia, Nepal Himalayas and Hsipaw, Myanmar. We can truthfully say that we have never found a single place that we “Did Not Like”. Some less convenient than others but each with its own special culture and people that we found entertaining. As it turns out, America seems to be the last country to become health conscious. The focus on processed pre-packaged foods, the additives, the sugar content … Honestly, people, the ‘CONVENIENCE’ is not worth the price — our health.

Our Future

Our traveling future is only dictated by our health. We are 67 and 68 years old and so lucky in that we are never sick, take no meds and are healthy well beyond our years. We are definitely eating healthier, getting more exercise in the form of walking and finding out about foods and nutrition. Our future is to continue to see as many places and as many people as possible while helping others both young and old discover the lifestyle we have chosen.

Come along with us, visit us often. If you see something that interests you, please contact us and let us know you enjoyed the post. If there is something you want to know more about, again, let us know and we will see what we can find out.