18 Proven Stress-busting Techniques

There are many simple things that you can do to prevent, reduce, or eliminate stress, or to redirect its energy positively. The most important thing is to make a start and to take the techniques that work for you and turn them into daily practice. When you take consistent action to create a peaceful, harmonious life, you’ll find that things mysteriously more often go your way and the outcomes are much more in sync with what you desire.

Make it a habit to do these things every day and create harmony in your life:


Each day is a new fresh start. It’s like they say: “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” Use these tips to enjoy the beginning of the day and let one good thing lead to another.

Throw out your alarm clock if it has a harsh sound. Loud alarms cause immediate stress the very moment you awaken. Accustom yourself to waking up to beautiful music or the sounds of nature. The idea is to be coaxed out of your sleep rather than hounded out of bed.

Give thanks for the new day. Remind yourself of what you have to be thankful for, rather than jumping into stressful thoughts immediately.

Sing a happy tune. Having a happy tune in your head puts you in a good mood. Here’s a perfect song to start your day: “It’s a Good Day” by Perry Como. This song is in the soundtrack for the movie Blast from the Past.

Here’s how it starts:

“Oh! It’s a good day, for singin’ a song,
An’ it’s a good day for movin’ along,
Yes, it’s a good day. How could anything go wrong?
A good day from mornin’ ’till night!”

An attitude like this automatically helps you overcome the challenges of the day with less stress!


Take time each day to visualize living the life you desire and give thanks for it. Imagine everything as if it has already happened. Vivid, real, and positive are the key concepts which will help you achieve this life.

✴      Take in everything with all your senses, feel the emotions, and see yourself living your stress-free life.

✴      Feel your stress melt away and fully enjoy where you are.

✴      Prayer and meditation can both relax you and bring you energy. You can use the power of prayer or meditation to prepare for the day ahead and end your day on an uplifting note.

Best of all, your positive energy will attract more good things to feel good about in your life.


You talk to yourself regularly inside your mind. But did you know that what you say to yourself affects your mood, stress level, attitudes, beliefs, self-concept, decisions, and behavior? Believe it or not, you’re quite convincing, no matter what you’re saying! So why not say something you want to hear?


Congratulate yourself every time you do something right. Every success – even a small one – deserves to be celebrated. Tell yourself how it’s entirely like you to do things the way you do.

When you make a mistake, beware of stress-causing and confidence-deflating negative talk. Rather than telling yourself what a loser you are, or how stupid it was to mess that up, turn those thoughts into something positive instead. Ask yourself what you can learn from your mistakes so you can bring yourself closer to your goal. Practice immediately laughing, as you say something like, “Oops, I know I won’t be doing that again! What can I learn from this?”


If you never made one, then you wouldn’t be human! It’s not a big deal. Admit it, learn from it, correct what you can, and confidently move on.


Affirmations can also reduce your stress and redirect your thoughts and feelings to something positive. They affirm the qualities in you that you want to encourage while thwarting negative thoughts at the same time. Once you get in the habit of using affirmations every time a negative thought or bad habit presents itself, they automatically redirect you to positive actions, feelings, and decisions. Affirmations should follow the 3 Ps: Positive, Personal (use the words “I,” “me,” or “my”), and Present Tense (as if you already exhibit this quality).

Here are some example affirmations to reduce stress:

‣      I am confident that I can handle any challenge effectively.

‣      I make good decisions.

‣      I look for the silver lining in every difficulty.

‣      I can solve any problem.

‣      I act without delay when I make a decision. I let go of the “what-ifs.”

For the best effect, repeat your affirmations several times each day, and also whenever you encounter a negative thought.

Affirmations are useful in many situations. They can help you conquer specific stressors, too, so we’ll give you some more examples in the different sections of this site to help you deal with particular situations. (Or you can sign up for our FREE eCourse and get new affirmations sent straight to your inbox every week!)


We encounter a lot of stress every day just because of our cluttered lifestyles. Between running from one errand to another, skipping meals, and taking care of everyone but ourselves, everything contributes to our stress levels. But when you eliminate the clutter, you can reduce this stress!


This one thing can add hours to your day! Decide only to do what you feel is important. If someone asks you to do something you know you can’t fit in, politely say no.


For our own sanity, we need to socialize sometimes. However, accepting every invitation that comes along can become overwhelming. Cut down on your social commitments to give you some added peace and quiet.

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When you clarify your priorities and use them to help you make decisions, decision-making becomes virtually stress-free. When you choose the option that most closely aligns with your priorities, you’ll be more confident that you’ve made the right decision.


Getting rid of everything you don’t want or need will reduce stress and contribute to a simpler lifestyle. You’ll notice that things are easier to find, there’s less to clean, and you’ll feel free from some of the limiting trappings of life.


Exercising is one of the best ways to eliminate stress. It gives you a positive outlet for pent-up energy and frustrations. Exercise re-energizes you by sending a fresh supply of oxygen throughout every cell of your body. This also clarifies your thinking. Best of all, it produces endorphins – the feel-good hormones – that de-stress you and put you in a good mood! When you feel good, it’s easier to fight stress and overcome challenging situations.


You can do anything you want during this time – reflect, pursue a hobby, shop, take a relaxing bath with soft music and candles, or lie down and stare at the ceiling in the peace and quiet if that makes you feel good! The time you reserve for yourself allows you to relax and replenish. You’ll find that you have more energy and patience in your life if you take time for yourself. Rather than being selfish, you’re allowing yourself to become the best you can be.


There are always good things to be discovered and enjoyed in your life. When you focus your energies on searching for and acting on the good in a situation, you spend less energy and time on worrying and other negative stresses.

“When life hands you lemons, make lemonade!” You’ll reduce your stress, and you’ll enjoy the eventual outcome.


When you focus on the now, you leave yesterday behind and let go of worry for the future. Those stressors are not in your picture; instead, you enjoy each moment to its fullest.


A cool breeze in the summer, the aroma of the coffee brewing, or the beauty of the dawn. Enjoy what your senses bring to you and fully experience it at the moment.


When something is funny, don’t just deliver a reserved chuckle. Allow yourself the pleasure of a full belly-laugh. This immediately releases stress and makes you feel good at the same time. Laughing is spontaneous, instantaneous, and makes it impossible to harbor a negative feeling. Living in the moment brings you a sense of peace and calm. Yet, it also enables you to hurtle forward toward your goals with a focus like no other!


When those stressful moments appear, take a few minutes to pause and breathe slowly and deeply. It relaxes your muscles and delivers fresh oxygen to your brain to counter the fight or flight response to help you think clearly.

These techniques will help you deal with all kinds of stress, regardless of the underlying cause.

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