Great Recipes: A Collection From Bali, Indonesia

We spent quite some time in Bali and found some great recipes. I have listed 10 here, some for dishes, some for pastes which are popular there. Simple beef and chicken meals are made special with the paste used. Everyone in Bali has their own special pastes and all are a little different. Dine out …

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10 Best Vietnamese Dishes With Our Favorite Recipes

Vietnamese food is distinctive and memorable. Their cuisine relies on the balance of sweetness, flavor, saltiness and sourness that is achieved through the use of nuoc mam, cane sugar, tamarind and the juice of calamansi citrus fruits. Vietnam dishes use plenty of fresh herbs but are not overly spicy as the chili sauce is served …

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Special Blender Recipes Series: Curried Corn Soup

Corn soup has been a well loved classic dish of every home for centuries. It brings warmth and comfort with every slurp. Here we share a wonderful twist to this classic dish by adding Curry. Still smooth and scrumptious with a spicy kick bringing a whole new adventure to your palate. Enjoy!     Ingredients …

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Special Blender Recipes Series: Fresh Spring Soup

Have you been looking for a soup with a fresh flavour that can warm up and soothe the soul? This soup blender is fast and easy to make and can even accommodate up to 8 servings. Healthy and nutritious yet delightfully tasty, this soup is perfect for family night dinners by the fireplace as you …

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Delicious French Fries Alternative for Keto Dieters

We’ve all heard the amazing testimonies of the recent diet called the ‘Keto’ or Ketogenic diet that helps other people not just lose weight, but also attain great overall health. This diet simply instructs that the person who wishes to do the diet has to get rid of consuming starches and sugars. This means removing …

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Keto Fat Bombs – Pepperoni & Cheese Recipe

Keto Fat Bombs - Pepperoni & Cheese Recipe

Ketogenic fat bombs are a simple way to get more fat into your macros. Small snacks or treats – high in fat & low in carbs – Keto Fat Bombs. Everyone loves pizza, so today we are combining the flavors of pizza into some super easy to make and filling keto fat bombs – Pepperoni …

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30 Day Low Carb Meal Plan Including Recipes

30 Day Low Carb Meal Plan with Recipes

Learn the advantages of a low carb meal plan. Recent research has begun to show that it’s not the eating of fat that is making us fat. It’s the carbs. For many years it has been commonly believed that we need to eat less fat to reduce the fat in our bodies. For most Americans, …

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Pulled Beef – How To Make It & 9 Recipes to Use It

Pulled Beef - How To Make It & 9 Recipes to Use It

Pork in the oven is fine but if you want to do shredded or pulled beef I would recommend the crockpot. You will definitely save more of the flavor & juices to use later. When the meat is fork tender, put it in a bowl and pull it with two forks to shred it. Bet …

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