4 Powerful And Unexpected Health Benefits Of Ashtanga Yoga You Shouldn’t Miss

More people nowadays are searching for safer methods to help them relax without health risks. I know how hard it is to deal with emotional problems, let alone the effects on it the body. Though there are methods today you can try, it’s still questionable whether it would provide what you need or not.

Did you know that there are more unexpected health benefits of Ashtanga yoga than mere exercise? Here, I listed some of it that you should know.


In our everyday lives, we are often stressed no matter how hard we tried not to. We often feel burned out from too much work, overwhelming family responsibilities, and other personal problems. But with Ashtanga yoga, you will feel more relaxed again.

A dedicated Ashtanga yoga practice for at least six minutes can already refresh your mind. Experts say that a six-minute me-time is enough to restore the mind’s serenity and function. Some listen to music or read. But in your case, you can do yoga. 

health benefits of ashtanga yoga


Ashtanga practitioners felt calmer and energized after their morning practice. This is the reason why more and more people seek these physical benefits. The increasing pressure in daily living makes a typical household stressed. But if you squeeze in a short but severe Ashtanga session, you’re going to reap its full benefits. 

Some yoga asanas require you to do it on an empty stomach. This is one of the reasons why you should practice in the morning. Another thing is that your mind is more focused after waking up. Practicing yoga before working will ease any emotional burden you carry. I suggest that you give ample time for Savasana to maximize the relaxing benefits. 


Ashtanga yoga is known for its powerful breathing technique, which helps the body relax and produce more “happy” hormones. If you’re battling depression or anxiety, you’ll benefit in practicing Ashtanga. With this, you can face your negative thoughts and learn to let it go. This is one of the foundations of Ashtanga that even experts are in awe. 

With the help of mindful breathing, you’ll be exhaling bad thoughts and inhaling good ones. It’s the same principle as removing toxins out of the body through sweating. This breathing pattern will align your body movement and thoughts.

For instance, when you are in a heated situation, you’ll feel frustrated that could lead to uncontrollable anger. But if you take Ashtanga teachings by heart, you’ll learn to suppress these feelings.

health benefits of ashtanga yoga


The consistent practice of Ashtanga routine will improve you’re well being, be it emotionally or physically. Other health benefits of Ashtanga yoga are improving your mood and body figure.

People who haven’t tried it before might feel exhausted at first sight of the asanas. But once you’re in and doing the basics, you’ll find it more manageable. Anyway, the postures are enough for a challenge to keep you going. The discipline you’ll get here will apply to your life. Therefore, a renewed outlook.

Physically, Ashtanga will lighten up your body. Since you’ll be flexing your joints and muscles, you’ll lose fats and cramps. Somehow, this is directly related to a better day to day stance in life.

It is essential that you find ways that would help your body and mind improve. It should not cause further stress and side effects. With Ashtanga yoga, your body is in safe hands. Having a healthy body and mind will certainly help you relax too.

Before you start any of those Ashtanga yoga routines, see to it that you discuss it with your doctor. This rings true if you have health issues or if you have your monthly period. Remember, you are going to perform strenuous activity here. Practice caution as you proceed. You will undoubtedly achieve these fantastic health benefits of Ashtanga yoga if you comply with my tips. 

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