7-Minute Workout App Secrets

 The 7-Minute Workout App Secrets was hailed in The New York Times, Forbes wrote about this great app & Good Morning America added their 2¢. It must be good! Or is it?

Who Can You Believe?

These publications and network television programs aren’t going to tout an idea like the 7-Minute Workout App Secrets … are they? Sure they are. We’ve seen the 8-Minute Abs come and sort of go.

Today, some twenty years since this program hit the market, the rise in obesity is today nearly twice what it was at that time. Here’s the way we see this:

Scientific evidence has opened more doors that lead to a greater understanding. Not only of what we do and/or eat but also the thought processes that help us alter what we believe to be true because we want it to be true.

Unfortunately, a good example of this possibility lies in the 7-Minute Workout App. Despite the claims made in the publications and on TV, most users are easily misled by the ad.

7-Minute Workout App – Presto!

Something a person can do early in the morning before breakfast. Soon he/she learns that the catchy phrase, “7-Minute Workout App” doesn’t quite tell you everything.

We all agree, certainly, that exercise is very beneficial. Even light exercise is beneficial.

At home, we usually try for a 30 to a 60-minute workout session. But you can have a great workout in much less time.

Some only work out for a very short period such as ten minutes. Regularity can be very important. Sometimes more important the exercises you are using.

The real truth is, it isn’t realistic to exercise seven minutes a day performing only one single exercise. The very foundation of this 7-Minute Workout App would have you believe this.

They want you to trust them when they say it is the perfect solution to building up a better physique. You will also be rid of that undesirable weight you have to pack around everywhere you go.

7 Minute Fitness App Secrets Revealed

Time To Pay The Piper

So…now we get to our particular take on the 7-Minute-Workout App.

It appears that the “Perfect Workout” is likely to pop up in whatever context. That alone doesn’t mean the 7-Minute Workout App is bad in itself. It doesn’t even mean it has been based on useless research either.

Often, in any field of research, including the field of exercise, this frequently is divided into two categories. Some studies begin by exacting what has been learned through prior research. Then using the knowledge gained from that research to conduct other researches in the directions prior information has been based.

A great many of the world’s most outstanding innovations have come from this type of research. It may be likened to each researcher building a step while the next researcher builds another step. This goes on until what began as merely an idea, has each step giving the next researcher just a little better view.

Like the beginning of man’s first flight. A great deal of research was necessary to bring it from nothing to what it is today.

But This Is NOT Rocket Science

In the case of the 7-Minute Workout App, the studies used simply don’t bear out the imaginative claims made to “prove” the effectiveness of this system. We felt this was somewhat akin to us saying that if a low-carb diet will help lose body weight, then a no-carb diet should bring even greater and faster results.

Unfortunately, life is simply not that simple. As usual, it’s details, details, details.

We know that exaggeration is the keyword in advertising and in the claims made. Almost always, the claims being made just don’t reflect reality.

Many companies offer money-back guarantees, as a bolster to their truthfulness. However, they know that most buyers don’t want to be bothered with packing up and paying postage and shipping to return a product. Then waiting perhaps months for a refund, a refund that may never arrive.

Talk To The Experts about 7-Minute Workout App

Talk To The Experts about 7-Minute Workout App

We got in contact with a number of trainers in different niches. They all pretty much agreed on the following information.

• The first thing we got out of this was that not all the training, what we label circuit training, is equal.

• The 7-Minute Workout App is built around the idea that you do twelve exercises as a circuit.

• An exercise of this type is considered to be a highly intense circuit training exercise.

• That is opposed to “interval” training.

• The single circuit training exercise this program focuses on was first introduced around 1992. Using a program that was nearly three times as long as the one presented by the creators of this app.

• Even then, unfortunately, the best this workout had to offer was an extra 25 calories burned. – hardly something to advertise.

It Just Keeps Going Downhill

The first error we encountered is this – that the 7-Minute Workout App is simply not as good as claimed for the loss of fat.

Any program for bodybuilding and weight loss – at home or in a gym – needs resistance training. Resistance training using multiple large muscles and then resting for only very short periods can be quite beneficial.

However, if you look at the 7-Minute Workout App you’ll quickly learn that most of the exercises aren’t exercising the larger muscles much, if at all.

The real benefit to exercises might go back to the heyday of Charles Atlas who advocated resistance training to build muscle and lose body fat. Does anyone remember those ads?

Mr. Atlas claimed to have been a 90-lb. weakling. At the beach, people kicked sand in his face until he developed his plan of using the body’s natural resistance as a way of building up the great body that his ads claimed to have.

Today, trainers say weight should be manipulated to reach a percentage of your maximum strength. Adding the perk offered by resistance and this may be adjusted to suit your individual goals and needs.

Body weight alone doesn’t afford the benefit of doing 80% of your one-rep max on squats. It is simply much more difficult than doing the 7-minute squats.

In addition, studies show that high-intensity training at intervals can make a great alternative to the old-fashioned designated duration exercise. The exercises in the 7-Minute Workout App are just not ideal for the accomplishment of the goals most of us strive to reach.

7-Minute Workout App EXPOSED!

And You Thought It Couldn’t Get Worse

Another hurdle arises to further damage the claims made by this program. Most agree that this is not an ideal way for improving better muscular structure and endurance. Research also shows that insofar as muscle-building is concerned the claims defy the limits of muscle stretching.

Muscle Building and Strength require added resistance to be effective. Low-intensity studies have shown that the best way to gain strength when compared to weight lifting, does not permit the user to overload his/her muscles beyond the range of a person’s normal strength.

Finally, The End

Therefore, basing our conclusions on the research we’ve made, the only way to receive the benefits suggested in the 7-Minute Workout App would be to add resistance, something that is not included nor advised in the app.

The 7-Minute-Workout App does provide some benefits. To deny that would be to render the company a disservice. But in this case, it was tried and found to be more difficult than expected, and it raised heart rates.

Certainly, it can be used as a quick workout and it may be just the solution for some. The problem we have with such programs and products is the claims so many of them often make.

The majority of the claims overstates the benefits. Clearly with the idea of tantalizing the person who has tried everything that failed, yet continues to hope for a “miracle”.

We believe this is not a routine that has been completely designed or well-designed for those hoping to reach higher and better fitness goals.

We do sincerely wish the 7-Minute Workout App was the answer. But unfortunately, your body still needs more than seven minutes of exercise a day if you hope to see any real results.

A helpful article by WebMD: What are workout apps for?

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