8 Exercises to Lose Muffin Tops Fast

Exercises to Lose Muffin Top Fast. While we love to eat a good hot muffin with melted butter, there is a horrific tradeoff. They are one of the causes that, unfortunately, create the dreaded “muffin top”. Everyone knows the muffin top is that little or big roll that sticks up above your low riding pants but, not everyone knows how to get rid of them. The muffin top is a bane to the low cut jeans women love to wear. the key is to burn fat along with the exercise. We will cover both topics in this article.

Daily Exercises to Lose Muffin Top Fast

Exercising daily helps women to burn fat. If you consider yourself fat, you will need to exercise regularly. Which exercises work the best? This is the question all women ask. You can ride a stationary bike or go cycling daily. You can go swimming, try skipping, use a treadmill, etc. They are all effective to shed weight.

You should walk, jog, or run daily in the morning. Doing this in the morning, you will benefit in two ways. You will get enough fresh air so that you will feel fresh, and you will also shed the pounds.

To effectively lose weight and burn fat, you must also incorporate all of the basic principles here: drinking plenty of water, getting 7-9 hours of sleep every night, use cardio and weight training exercising, and proper nutrition.

Many people think crunches and lots of them cure the problem of “Muffin Top” but, that is not necessarily true. You need other exercises to work in conjunction to sculpt that body back to where you want it to be.

So how are we going to get back in those super hot lowriders? If you are sporting a muffin top, here is how to rid yourself of it fast. We’ll start with the exercising.8 Exercises to Lose Muffin Top Fast

8 Muffintop Killer Exercises

Butt Lift

1Lie flat on your back on the floor with feet flat and knees bent.
2 Raise your but from the floor until you get to a plank position then hold for 20 to 30 seconds. Do a minimum of 10.

Candlestick Dipper

1 Get on the floor on your need with your back straight and crunch your abs.
2 Straighten one leg to the side and bend at the waist to the same side. Back up and repeat to the other side. Do 20 Dips to each side.

Russian Twist

1 Sit on the floor with been knees and feet flat.
2 Lean as far back as possible and clasp both hands behind your neck. Rotate your hands and torso from side to side 20 twists each way.
3 Add weight to your hands as your conditioning increases.

Plank Heatwave

1 Lie on the floor with feet flat and knees bent.
2 Raise up from the floor until you reach a plank position.
3 Move your hips from side to side.
4 Do 15 moves to each side before returning your back to the ground.

Hip Dips

1 Move to a plank position then lower to the floor with your right forearm.
2 Roll to the side and stack your legs on top of each other.
3 Dip your hips to the floor, come back to plank and do the same on the alternate side.
4 Do a series of 10 per side.

Bicycle CrunchesDie Muffin Top Die

1 These are best workouts for the abs and to kill the belly fat that causes the muffin top.2 Lie flat and lift the knees toward your torso.
3 Place both hands behind your neck.
4 Move the right knee to the left elbow the repeat left knee to right elbow.
5 Do 20 touches on each elbow.

Hip Twists

1 Move to a forearm plank, twist your hip to the right or left until it touches the floor then repeat to the other side.
2 Do 20 touches per side.

Rolling Plank

1 Move to a standard plank position.
2 Keep your arms tight and aligned under your shoulders.
3 Roll to one side the return to the original position.
4 Roll to the other side and keep alternating for a minimum of 10 rolls to each side.

Other Thoughts and Options

The best way to burn fats is something every woman asks at some point during our lifelong battle to lose weight and keep it off. Everything from eating crazy diet food that tastes like cardboard to wrapping our thighs and tummy up with plastic wraps and suck the fat out. All these and more is eventually is considered when you’re desperate!

But you certainly don’t want to risk your long-term health and happiness by resorting to hazardous diet pills or other extreme methods as a way to lose weight. It’s just not worth the risk, and most of the time the only part of you that loses weight is your wallet anyway!

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