8 Popular Places To Take Ashtanga Yoga Classes in the US

The formula for the best Ashtanga yoga classes is holistic approach paired with the effective technique with a pinch of humor. Hitting the mat these days had become a mainstream fad that even the mighty men of the house are already practicing it by heart. Finding the best classes aren’t a hard task too. As more and more Americans turn to yogic living, more studios sprung to every state.

If you want to make a yogic pilgrimage, here are the places in the States that give the best Ashtanga classes.


The home of the massive Strala Yoga School, New York City is more than a buzzing city. It’s also the nest of the best Ashtanga studios like Sweat Yoga in Broadway, The Shala Yoga House in Brooklyn, and YogaWorks in Irvington. Be it a led or Mysore class, you can find your choice here in the Big Apple.

Aside from Ashtanga, you can find almost every yoga practice here. New York City is the center of the world, so to speak, and it’s just exciting to discover Ashtanga classes here after the other. If you’re an aspiring teacher, a practice in one of the famous classes would definitely shine in your resume.


The Puget Sound isn’t the only spot to look forward to on a Seattle visit. They have 26 yoga schools here and more than 300 registered teachers. If you’re interested to join seaside Ashtanga yoga classes, you should visit 8 Limbs Yoga, SOL Yoga Seattle, Modo Yoga, and more studios. SOL Yoga really offers yoga sessions by the sea, which makes it a very exciting pick.

Seattle’s Art Museum offers free yoga sessions during summer on its beautiful lawn. The sceneries here are going to help in your practice. Seattle is also considered as one of the healthiest cities in the State and I think it’s enough to land it on my bucket list.

Ashtanga yoga classes


Visit Yoga Flow SF-Ocean once and tell me if you’ll not want to come back. This place, among other Ashtanga studios in San Francisco, is a heavenly yoga place. They have friendly staff, childcare for parents who have to bring the kids, and affordable deals. You really can’t miss this one including Yoga Tree, Ashtanga Shala Santosha, Astayoga, and a whole list of awesome spots.

Aside from the Golden Gate Bridge, there’s nothing hipper in this city than its early practice of yoga. It’s been hitting the mat during the ‘70s and I think it can clinch with New York’s massive yoga base.


The countryside never fails to amaze me. Cowboys are enough for a thrill but its Ashtanga yoga classes are something you can’t get enough of. They have the Ashtanga Yoga Austin that is the biggest base of the practice in the Lone Star State. You can find it in Browning Street and I suggest that you pay a visit to know the cool ladies who run this place.

If you want some more, you should check out Mysore Austin and learn new techniques from Andrew, the guru in this place. The East Side Yoga, Castle Hill Fitness, Yoga Yoga, and BFree Yoga are also best picks on your tour.


With the long list of 37 yoga schools here in L.A., you’ll never go home unsatisfied. Trendsetting is the thing of the City of Angels so you should expect a new twist on your Ashtanga practice. The Vinyasa flow, which is the mother practice of Ashtanga, was conceived here in 1987 on the first YogaWorks studio.

You shouldn’t forget to visit Paul Grilley’s Yin Yoga and the Golden Bridge Yoga Studio. If you haven’t found your fix of postures, you can visit Siesta Yoga in Western Ave., Silver Lake Yoga at the Glendale Building, and Omkar 108 Yoga in Washington Blvd.


The Hells Canyon might be Oregon’s landmark but as yoga starts to steal the scene in this state, you should start heading to Portland. Based in this city are studios like Street Yoga and Living Yoga. These are both nonprofit groups that teach yoga to shelters, prisons, and rehabilitation centers. Portland also houses the People’s Yoga studio that has low fees so students can try the practice.

Portland is very welcoming to every type of wanderer. Be it a musician, writer, engineer, elderly, or a yogi like you. With that, you don’t have to worry about diversifying your Ashtanga yoga classes.

Ashtanga yoga classes


Denver is a haven for weeds, but for yoga, it might be far-fetched. This city on Northern Colorado takes pride in its 24 yoga schools and 250+ registered teachers. The Samadhi Center for Yoga is one of the popular studios here together with Yoga Pod, Kindness Yoga Platte Street, ONE Yoga, and more.

Yoga studios here are in-demand and even local athletes are hitting the mat to improve their body. This city can offer you different levels of dexterity depending on what you seek. If you want to have a “fling” yoga, try Tigress at Endorphin Studio. This will test your practice and for the life of Ashtanga, don’t fall in love with it!


Our capital isn’t just the seat of political power, it’s also the perfect spot to lay a mat. In the Metropolitan DC, you can find a strong base of different practices like Iyengar, Vinyasa, Anusara, and of course, Ashtanga.

Don’t miss attending a Mysore class at the Ashtanga Yoga Center. If you want a wider choice, you can pick Flow Yoga Center, Boundless Yoga, Kali Yoga Studio, or the Claudio Paredes Studio. Who knows, you might have our political leaders on a mat next to you.

Picking Ashtanga yoga classes will definitely be hard with these awesome places. But if you create a bucket list for a yoga tour, you’ll make your practice even more thrilling. Save up and visit these places on by one. You’ll never know when a new Ashtanga experience can change your life. Do you love these picks? I’m sure you have something to add!