Back To The Wild: Finding Peace In The Great Outdoors

In the summer months, do you consider getting outside more, but then find it difficult actually following through? If you’re over-worked and stressed out, you need to uncover your inner peace again. But how do you find tranquility in a mad world?

Take a break and head outdoors to your favorite park, nearby hiking trail, bird estuary, or forest. You will quickly regain your sense of peace once you spend some time in the wild.


1. Get comfy. Dress comfortably and also bring enough of refreshments and snacks. This will be easy if you are taking your vehicle to your chosen nature spot. Remember to wear comfortable walking shoes.

2. Eliminate potential distractions. If you are taking your cellphone, switch it to silent mode to prevent becoming alarmed by its ring tone. For the time being, you want to exchange your usual world for that of the park or forest.

3. Hike on well-marked tracks. Make sure you can find the way back.

4. Ignore the noise that’s going on in your head. Allow the stressful thoughts to drift away. Simply release all your challenges. You are in one of your beloved locations now. Absolutely no problems exist here!

5. Immerse yourself in the sounds that surround you. Perhaps the trees are rustling with the wind, the birds are singing, or maybe you listen to an animal call.

6. Make use of visual cues to unwind. Leave your stressful world behind. Look at and experience all the green trees. Become aware of the dirt track, the tiny critters crawling on a log, and the spider webs.

7. Take in the smells of your environment. What’s that fragrance? A touch of honeysuckle? The woodsy perfume of pine trees? Inhale in and exhale consciously.

8. Now for the tactile sensations… Is the foliage lightly brushing your arms? Do you find yourself challenged to maintain your footing along the bumpy path? Physically touching nature is an important part of the experience, along with the sights, sounds, and smells.

9. Discover the creatures that live in the woods. Perhaps you’ll find a raccoon or a squirrel. Watching other animals is amazing and you will learn something each time you watch a wild animal.

10. Become aware of the birdcalls. Maybe two or more birds are conversing with one another.

11. Pay attention to what the air feels like. You can probably notice that summertime is here. It is a pure, fresh, crisp feeling which includes a touch of heat in many areas. Perhaps the sun is shining or maybe you happen to be deep in a thicket of trees where it is dank and mossy.

12. Go to a pine forest. If you are fortunate enough to reside within driving distance of a pine forest, give some thought to visiting this amazing example of mother nature’s Zen experiences. Sit a while on a bed of pine needles and simply be.

13. Give some thought to gratitude. What are you thankful for in your day to day life? Concentrate on the simple things. “I love my couch in the lounge with my books stacked high beside it.” “I am grateful for the sunset I see each and every evening from our kitchen window.” “I am grateful for having eyes to see as well as hands which work for me.”

14. Consider your achievements. Towards the conclusion your nature visit, give yourself a pat on the back for a challenging situation you have made it through recently.

15. Celebrate peace. Know that right now, you experience a sense of quiet, peace, and serenity that you can return to whenever you want, just by visiting this glorious corner of nature.

Steep yourself in the experience of nature. Let yourself become keenly aware of the sights, sounds, smells, and atmosphere all around you. Wherever your beloved outdoor locations are, visit them frequently to return to the thing that’s most important: You!