Beginners Yoga Meditation Sequence

If you are in need of calmness within your life, have you ever tried meditation? If not, the Beginners Yoga Meditation Sequence would be a great place to start. I would like to give you some advice in the form of a guided meditation for your mind transition. Meditation is very easy! Go through this beginner’s guide and then relax as you ready yourself to try this. Meditation can be the way of putting both your health and mind in an optimal condition.

Understanding Beginners Yoga Mediation: The Meaning of Meditation

Many people do not know what meditation means. Some people think that it is tied to some religion like Buddhism or Hinduism but this is not the case. Meditation is not related to or affiliated with any religion. It is, in simple terms, something you practice to keep your mind calm and feel at peace. Some people refer to meditation as an act of focusing on something. However, meditation involves quieting one’s mind to attain a distinct state of contentment. It helps you rest your mind’s noisy character so you may become aware of and in tune with your surroundings. This, in turn, will help you disengage yourself from your endless chaotic thoughts.

Being able to overcome life’s chaos through mere calmness is a huge gift. This gift again is for everyone that you encounter, not you alone. This includes family members, co-workers, even those driving on the road. Being a silent observer gives you the opportunity to act in a thoughtful manner instead of reacting to the circumstances of life. You will be presented with a number of choices on how to handle events, for instance, a nerve-wracking deadline or a traffic jam.Beginners Yoga Meditation Sequence

Meditation can benefit you and many others you are associated with by providing them with a better nights sleep and reducing their stress. Meditation through simple breathing and relaxation takes us into a pleasurable state in which there are no boundaries of time and space. There is no particular way it is supposed to feel. Instead, a number of meditations exist that you can choose from as you look for the one that fits you and your lifestyle best. As a beginner, you can start with something simple and basic.

All you need to do is to focus your attention on the sensation of breathing in and out. And should you encounter a thought or distraction in your mind, allow it to pass and keep focusing on your deep conscious breathing technique. Let us start the guided meditation process and allow it ascend to your senses and descend into your body.Beginners Yoga Meditation Sequence

Labyrinth Visualization

Sometimes our truth often gets lost in our daily life’s hustle and bustle. A labyrinth can surely help you here. It entails a mind journey through a maze where you go through life challenges and discern what is significant to you.

Step 1

Take a suitable position and close your eyes. Pay close attention to your breathing and identify whether it is rough or smooth, or soft. Feel the flow of your breath centering you. Stay in the present, do not look through the past or the future but the present, right where you are.

Step 2

Breathe deeply three times in and out through your nostrils. This acts to distribute the hormone meant for happiness all over your body. This hormone is called serotonin. Sense yourself relaxing as your pay close attention. Take six counts of inhalations and six counts of exhalations in every sequence. Ensure that you reiterate this three times in a row. Feel as the deep breath move within you, within your cells.Beginners Yoga Meditation Sequence

Step 3

Carry out a visualization of yourself walking through your labyrinth as you proceed with the breath. Go through the maze in a step-wise manner. Your labyrinth could be made of anything- tall trees, rocks or even flowers in a garden. Whatever it is, own it and make it your own sacred space which is inside you, in your heart and where your truth lives. This could be a favorite place from your past that you associate with some of your happiest times. A simple place in a forest with a small stream where I was raised as a young person works well for me.

Step 4

Take yourself into a situation where you are shedding off everything which is worldly as you make a turn to the right in your labyrinth. Do you feel the thoughts rolling off your body one by one? Allow them to go! You will then reach the center of your maze and feel the true sensation of being pure and renewed.

In a totally relaxed state, you should now be able to open your heart and mind. Pay attention to your breath and welcome being still. Stay wherever you are and maintain your balance.

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