Better Booty Challenge 21 Day Program

It is every woman’s dream to have a beautiful butt. Well, the good news is that this is possible as long you are willing to work hard in your exercise routines. There are so many exercises that are available to tone up and give you a good butt. To make it easy for you; we are going to discuss the Better Booty Challenge exercise routine that will help in giving you a great butt. The 21-day butt exercise routine does not require you to spend hours working out, all you need is a few minutes a day, and you will end up with the butt of your dreams.

Take the Better Booty Challenge for just 21 days and see if you are happy. However, don’t stop. This 21-days is just to get you started and show you what these three simple exercises can do for you. One is supposed to start by doing ten repetitions of each exercise on every day of the challenge. Cellulite is every woman’s nightmare and essentially a curse that everyone is afflicted with, but, You Can Beat It.
Better Booty Challenge 21 Day Program

The problems associated with cellulite around the butt and thighs are well documented. We have listed two articles below you may want to read on the subject for additional information. Read the tutorial below and we hope you will sign up with the website to learn all that you need to do to achieve your dream body with occasional emails about new programs.

What To Expect From The 21 Days Butt Exercise

The 21-day butt workout routine has all the strategies and workout routines you need to follow and how to follow them to get good results. The exercises focus on toning and strengthening the muscles on the lower body parts. Once you involve these muscles, they get strengthened. So, if you use these exercises and then adopt a good eating habit, you will be able to achieve your dream lower body that much easier and quicker. Note that you should not carry on the exercise program for 21 days and then stop, make sure to continue even after the two weeks to ensure that the body remains in an excellent toned form. Also, once your body gets used to these exercises, consider adding weight creating more resistance for better results. This is because the body tends to get used to the usual tasks and it ends up not reciprocating to the activities. You can use dumbbells for resistant purposes.

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Better Booty Challenge 21 Day Program - 3 Exercises

The 3 Daily Exercises That Make Up the Better Booty Challenge

1. Pass-Through Lunge

This is a great exercise essential for toning the gluten.

•  Stand straight with your legs and hips apart, put the right foot behind as you find your balance.
•  Lower your body until the two legs form a 90-degree position.
•  Lift the right leg up and slowly take it back to the front area, Lower your body again to form a 90-degree position.
•  Push the right foot back to the first position and repeat the same procedure.
Make sure to switch both legs.

2. Side to Side Squat

•  Stand straight with your legs apart. Form a squat position by bending your knees.
•  Make sure to engage your core and ensure the spine is put in a straight form, chest out and face at a straight angle.
•  Shift your left foot to one side while the right foot is still in the same position and then put the foot back to the initial position.
Repeat this using the other foot for ten minutes.
Better Booty Challenge 21 Day Program

3. Cross Behind Lunge

•  Stand up with your left leg and then place your right leg over the left leg to form a cross form.
•  Keep the hips facing the front part and then slowly bend your legs.
•  Stay in this form for a while, then step back.
Release the left leg and repeat the procedure using your right leg.


Follow these three workout procedures, and after 21 days you will see a considerable change in your lower back area.

Have you taken the challenge yet? Did it help you? Would you recommend it to a friend? Please contact and tell us how you did and if you would like to see a Better Booty Challenge II program.

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