Health Benefits of the Top 5 Weight Loss Tea

There are infinite varieties of Weight Loss Tea to help you detox and lose weight. Sometimes it becomes quite difficult to determine the most useful one. Some teas can contain a high amount of antioxidants with powerful results on various body organs. That is a good indicator of an efficient detox tea. Additionally, you should look for products with antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Before choosing the product, it is usually beneficial to try several and then evaluate each one’s performance. However, various other factors like price, taste, and ingredients can also play a role in helping you to choose the one for you. We will look at 5 possibilities in the group of weight loss detox teas to help you pick the one that fulfills your needs the best.

Short History of Tea

Tea is the number two beverage in consumption the world over, second only to water itself. Many fascinating stories have been written during its 5,000-year history. Since its discovery to its current development, tea is and has been a favorite beverage during that time.

The annals of tea are long and sophisticated, growing across multiple ethnicities and civilizations for 1000’s of years. Tea likely started in southwest China through the Shang dynasty as a therapeutic drink.

An early credible record of tea dates to the 6th century, in a medical text Hua Tuo. Tea was initially presented to Portuguese priests and to vendors in China during the 16th century.

Sipping and Enjoying tea became popular in Britain through the 17th century. The English introduced tea development, as well as tea usage and utilization, to India, to be able to contend with China’s tea monopoly.

When to Drink Your Weight Loss Tea For Optimal Benefits

Tea has been used for quite some time for their potential of helping us get rid of fat and reduce weight. Tea as well gives us a deliciously mellow and deeply earthy taste and flavor to enjoy. Consuming tea at the right times can help you shed unwanted pounds by assisting your body to metabolically process fat. If you drink the teas at the incorrect times, it has been found that it’ can actually make you put on weight instead.

The optimum time to drink a glass of tea for your weight reduction goals is 1 hour after meals, allowing the weight reduction tea to remove unnecessary fats and help your system eliminate unwanted and leftover, hard-to-digest fatty acids. However, if you drink the tea around 30 minutes or so before you take in a meal, it can cause the opposite results, actually making you put on weight. Consuming the tea before meals clear fat deposits within your abdominal cavity and can actually boost your appetite, triggering you to consume more calories.


Major Benefits of Using Tea To Lose Weight

Predicated on their elements, different cleansing teas offer different kinds of benefits. Major benefits are revitalizing digestive function and improving antioxidant use.

Teas are an all natural diuretic, this escalates the quantity and rate of urination, which assists with cleaning and flushing dangerous toxic wastes from the body.

The tea brings about an increase in citral, an essential oil, which has been proven to work in combating weight problems by boosting the oxidation of essential fatty acids in the test subjects and promoting the utilization of stored energy.

Simply put, weight loss teas aid in maintaining a wholesome metabolism and assist in preventing the build-up of stomach body fat.

It is critical to remember that nearly every teatox, isn’t meant to help you lose weight alone. To truly cleanse the body and your system, we suggest eliminating refined sugar while maintaining a healthy diet with large amounts of fruits, nuts, and vegetables.

We have put together 9 additional advantages and rewards you will receive by using detox tea in your weight reduction strategy.

1. Increased Body Metabolism
2. Burning of Stored Fat
3. Decrease Appetite
4. Increased Energy
5. Clean and Detox Internal Organs
6. Reduce Bloat
7. Clearing of Skin Blemishes
8. Flush Harmful Toxins
9. Aid In Digestion


Some Reported Drawbacks to Using Detox Tea To Lose Weight

The Weight Loss Tea Doesn’t Actually “Detox” Your System

The first thing: Your body has been designed to remove toxins all on its own. A number of teas might help in this process, but all alone a tea itself doesn’t have any miracle fixes. No one single solution has the capability to be a cure-all for any sickness or disease. Another point, no person can control or detox the entire body.

The main idea behind detoxes is that your body is packed with additives and toxins from the food you eat, These brings about weight gain, tiredness, bloat, and other issues. Even so, a detox drink just isn’t going to be a cure-all.

High-quality green teas won’t do all the actual heavy lifting, nonetheless, they can be an aid to your liver in successfully removing some of the body of toxins naturally. Green and black teas do contain high levels of antioxidants, these alone can enhance an all-natural cleansing process.

Teas billed for detoxification can contain ingredients like lemongrass, ginger, dandelion, and more may also aid in a better level of liver function.

You Will Probably Not Have High Weight Loss and May Not Reach Your Goals

Your overall weight might drop lower for a couple of days when you start a cleansing tea program, but you are probably only reducing your body’s water weight, not fat content. More than likely as soon as you start back with your typical diet, you will add those pounds back.

You ought to be eating real food when you drink the detoxification teas. Caffeine is often a key ingredient, which is often a diuretic. Yerba mate and dandelion likewise have diuretic properties, which means you’ll certainly be making more repeated bathroom stops. The weight loss will likely be short-lived unless you’re also pairing it with a brand new, more lean thinner diet.

You’ve Still Need to Eat to Attain Results

Even if you drink several cups of any cleansing tea per day (and we don’t really recommend you do), you will not likely see the results you originally expected or hoped for. Tea can only be therapeutic and detoxifying if your diet isn’t taxing your system.

It is important to still maintain a healthy weight loss oriented diet plan. We recommend you consume at least 1,000 calories each day if you’re going to try an extreme address to start a weight loss program with quick results. (This should bump back up after a few days. ) Using an all liquid diet will not likely do the job alone since that, in the end, brings about muscle loss from caloric deprival

There Can Be Some Unpleasant Side Effects

A Detox Tea To Lose Weight itself will probably not cause problems even if used in high doses. There are sometimes additives in any of the tea products that you might find unpleasant. These same additives can even be potentially harmful if used to an excess.

A key ingredient in certain versions is senna, this product acts as a natural laxative. A tea with senna should only be used moderately, long-term use of this product has been proven detrimental in tests. When used in a long-term program, laxatives will almost certainly play a role in electrolyte unbalance and instability.

Senna although FDA-approved for treating patients with severe or complete constipation and is a “stimulant” laxative. As direct result users are likely to experience cramping, stomach pain, and distress, and/or diarrhea.

Several people who have tried a few of the green teas that use senna report they woke up with severe cramping in the middle of the night after just one glass. Still, others reported that their periods became infrequent or stopped completely while they were drinking the tea.

Poor Sleep Problems

The detox tea could be interfering with your sleep patterns.

The caffeine in the tea itself is sufficient to keep you awake during the night if you’re sensitive to the stimulant. Health experts suggest forgoing caffeine at a minimum six hours before sleeping, whether it is coming from one of the teas or another source.

Deficiencies in the proper amount of sleep have recently been linked to food urges and unhealthy habits that can lead to putting on weight, perhaps undoing any benefits you were gaining from the drinks in the first place.

Whether you are drinking a detox tea or not, sleep is always beneficial for weight loss. Most experts will say it is the foundation for setting the body your system up to expend energy in the best ways possible, assisting you to slim down as you make other healthy decisions like eating better and getting exercise.

Choosing the Right Tea With Three Easy Steps

Step 1: What Would you like to Accomplish?
The first question to consider, and it can be a hard question to answer, is “why”? Why would you like to cleanse?
Some potential reasons or goals may be:
• To boost my health
• To get more energy
• To get rid of my craving for ________ (your personal food addiction – ie sugar, bleached flour, caffeine, soda pop, etc)
• To lose excess weight
• To lessen inflammation
• To boost my complexion
• To stop repeating Candida infections
• To boost my immune system function

STEP 2: Research All the Facts
There are numerous, thousands actually, cleansing programs to choose from. Some are safe. Some aren’t. Some can work.
It is important to be sure you’re choosing an application that is:
Safe – Detoxing is all about enhancing your wellbeing, not taking chances with it.
Proven – Search for reviews, customer reviews and endorsements by well-known medical experts and researchers.
Realistic – When a diet asks anyone to drink only a laxative tea for ten days and nights etc. that’s not realistic. You will be cranky, irritable, anxious and probably struggle to fast for ten days and nights.
Additionally, you want to make certain the program facilitates your goals. It ought to be designed for your needs

Step 3: Evaluate Your Life Style Before Beginning
Some diets and cleansing programs just don’t work in real life. It is rather difficult to stop eating for a number of days but still maintain your regular daily lifestyle. Make certain any cleansing program you select is something that you can match with your daily life.

Multi-day cleansing plans can often be most effective on weekends. You can cleanse on a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday making it easy, relax and take care of your detox effects.

Detoxification programs that enable you to help ease into them can be beneficial. When you have difficulty sticking with any kind of diet, look at a detox program which allows you to help ease into being involved with it. This allows you to steadily cut your bad food patterns until you can control them.

Detoxing can be considered a great way to attain lots of health advantages and goals. Be genuine with yourself about your targets as well as your lifestyle. Select a safe program that may help you gain better health. And it’s really always better to speak to your doctor about detoxing – it isn’t right for everybody.

Our Ratings of the Top 5 Weight Loss Teas

Health Benefits of the Top 5 Weight Loss Teas info

1. Hibiscus Tea

For us, the Holy Grail of all of the Best Detox Teas To Lose Weight. This is due to not only its excellent weight loss properties but also the almost unlimited health benefits. The only possible adverse side effect is that some people do have an allergic reaction to this variety.

The tea is usually a bright red color and can have a very sour aftertaste. It has a Cranberry-like flavor and can be used both hot and cold. Another benefit is this tea is caffeine-free.

Blood Pressure Management
Studies by the American Heart Association indicates that consuming this tea is beneficial to anyone suffering from both pre-hypertensive and mild can lower blood pressure. Since 1/3 of the adults in the U.S. suffer from this problem it is widely beneficial and should be used on a regular basis when suffering from these health issues.

The anti-inflammatory properties can aid in lowering your blood pressure by 10 points. To get this result you should consume three cups per day. It is also a diuretic and increased urination simultaneously lowers your blood pressure.

Lowers Cholesterol
The hypolipidemic and hypoglycemic properties lower levels of LDL or bad cholesterol. Studies of patients with Type 2 diabetes show that its consumption help manages this disease with lower cholesterol, triglycerides, and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels in the body.

Liver Protection
Research studies have shown benefits with some liver diseases. The added boost of antioxidants reduces free radicals throughout the body which can increase your lifespan and help in getting and keeping good overall health.

Anti-cancer Properties
This tea contains high levels of protocatechuic acid which have shown both antioxidant properties but tumor reducing properties as well. Tests have it to slow tumor growth with a property called apoptosis. This “cell death” reduces and in some cases remove tumor size.

Increased Anti-Inflammatory & Antibacterial Agents
The tea is high in Vitamin C values which is essential for the body to gain increased immune system levels. The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties help prevent you from catching colds and the flu and can help in reducing body temperature.

Menstrual Pain Relief
Hibiscus tea has been used worldwide as a relief from both menstrual pain and cramps, depression, mood swings by restoring normal hormone balance.

Improved Digestion
Since the diuretic improves both urination as well as improvement gastrointestinal system process this is an added benefit for your weight loss programs.

Satiates Thirst
The sports drinks use this in order to satiate thirst. For this purpose, an iced form of hibiscus tea is typically consumed. This is multiplied by its cooldown effects. Lowering the body temperature is the core benefit of many sports drinks along with electrolyte replacement.

Improved Weight Loss
Food that you consume has starch and sugars promoting weight gain. Hibiscus extracts lower both of these aiding in increased weight loss through tea consumption. Hibiscus tea reduces the amylase production by your body. This, in turn, helps your body absorption of absorption of carbohydrates and starch.

Recap on the Health Benefits Of Hibiscus Tea
• Health Benefits of Hibiscus Tea
• Manage Blood Pressure
• Lowers Cholesterol
• Protects Liver
• Has Anti-cancer Properties
• Acts as Anti-Inflammatory & Antibacterial Agents
• Relieves from Menstrual Pain
• Acts as Antidepressant Agent
• Improves Digestion
• Satiates Thirst
• Helps in Weight Loss
• Both Summer and Winter Drink
• Tastes Great

Health Benefits of 5 Weight Loss Teas

2. Bilberry Tea

Bilberry teas have been used for hundreds of years due to its chemical properties like anthocyanosides. The tea is also known to have extremely high levels of helpful antioxidants.

Antioxidants consume free radicals as they are used by the body. The prevents aging and damage to body cells. It is also considered the best weight loss option due to its ability to control blood sugar while aiding in reduced glucose response by the body after meals.

These antioxidants travel through the body searching out and consuming free radicals and thus possibly preventing damage to the body’s cells.

Health Benefits Of Bilberry Tea
• Blood Sugar Control
• Suppresses Appetite
• Metabolism Boost
• Controlled Cravings
• Healthier Digestion
• Removal of toxins
• Increase in energy
• 30% more fat burn
• More balanced mood
• Cholesterol reduction

3. Oolong Tea

Two of the major benefits of Oolong Tea is its ability to work not only in burning fat but also its seeming ability to aid in lowering cholesterol. This added benefit is crucial to good health and longevity as well as burning fat.

Medical studies have shown the adiponectin levels were greatly reduced when a diet of Ooolong Tea was added to their daily diets.

Other tests showed added benefits to obesity reduction in patients with Type 2 Diabetes.

Health Benefits Of Oolong Tea
• Suppresses Appetite
• Metabolism Boost
• Controlled Cravings
• Healthier Digestion
• Removal of toxins
• Increase in energy
• 30% more fat burn
• More balanced mood
• Cholesterol reduction

4. Organic Green Tea

Green tea is especially helpful due to its limited amount of processing. That helps the tea by less loss of catechins, is a flavan-3-ol, a type of natural phenol and antioxidant, so you obtain more of this than with other teas.

Another helpful ingredient EGCG which is believed to be the best diet aid available in any of the Best Detox Teas To Lose Weight. Burn more calories and lose more weight with this helpful tea.

Using Green Tea as a soft drink alternative can help you by avoiding over 50,000 calories each year.

Health Benefits of Organic Green Tea
• Great Price
• Doctor Formulated
• All Natural Organic Ingredients
• Meal Plan/Recipes
• Workout Videos
• Maintenance Plan
• Suppresses appetite

5. Pu-erh Black Tea


While having a lower antioxidant content than other teas it is considered to make up for that with other health benefits.

Pu-erh tea does promote weight loss while helping you lower Serum Cholesterol and aid in improved cardiovascular protection. This also helps in lower blood pressure.

Health Benefits of Pu-erh Black Tea

• Weight loss
• Energy Boost
• Less Bloating
• Antioxidants
• Dring in the Morning – will give you more energy
• Drink in the Afternoon – will calm you and make it easier to relax

From the pages of Healthline: How Green Tea Can Help You Lose Weight Naturally

How to Choose the Right Tea

A helpful article by Science Daily: Black tea may help with weight loss, too

Let us know if you have tried any other detox teas and how it is working for you. Our readers all are looking for first-hand information on detox teas and losing weight.

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