Herbal Remedies For Stress Relief

Unfortunately, many people habitually reach for the pill bottle when they’re stressed-out. It is often overlooked that there are also good herbal remedies to relieve stress. The advantage of herbal remedies is that they usually have no side effects, and can be just as effective to get rid of stress. Herbal remedies make use of different types of natural herbs that have great medicinal properties.

herbal remedies for stress relief


  1. Herbal tea that is available almost everywhere is said to be the best to control stress levels. There are various types of herbal teas in the market that are great stress busters and they are prepared using herbs like juniper, celery seeds and other things like ginger, lemon, and peppermint. A cup of herbal tea leaves you feeling refreshed and is said to control fever, cough, depression, and flu. There are certain ingredients in these teas that help rid you of these ailments in addition to being stress-free.  
  1. Other types of herbs like the Linden flower and Hawthorne berries are useful for reducing the anxiety that is a common symptom of stress. Peppermint and Chamomile are herbs, which help in controlling the digestive problems arising due to stress. Certain herbs like Ginseng are instrumental in building up the resistance of the body and help in reducing stress. 
  1. Herbal remedies can be made at home too. You may already have the necessary herbs like ginger and lemon at home. You can check out the various methods in which you can use these herbs and make effective remedies at home whenever you are feeling stressed. There are also a wide number of herbal products on the market that you can use for effective stress relief. 
  1. The technique of Ayurveda too makes use of various kinds of medicinal herbs and has proven to be very effective in controlling and reducing stress. Many people have benefited by Ayurveda and the herbs that it uses. These herbs are effective in keeping away anxiety and nervousness. A concoction called chyavanprash also helps in combating stress. 

Thus, you can opt for herbal remedies instead of dosing yourself up with allopathic tablets and medicines. You can control your stress levels in a natural manner without letting chemicals enter your body.