How to Look 10 Years Younger Using Face Yoga

A happy face makes a happy day. Your face is the first part of your body people look at when they approach you. Having this in mind, the best thing you can do is to care for your face in the best way possible way. Practicing Facial Yoga poses daily is a lot of fun to do. Best and most inexpensive way to boost your self-esteem. So, what is Face Yoga, its benefits and some of its the yoga face poses that are used? This article will give you answers to all that including the difference between Face Yoga and Botox.

What is Face Yoga?

Face Yoga consists of very simple facial exercises that are designed to relax and tone the facial muscles. Their main aim is to make your face appear youthful and sparkle again no matter your age. Stress is the main culprit when it comes to things that make your face sag and wrinkle. Doing the Face Yoga poses will help you radiate confidence all the time!

Face Yoga Look Younger Results in 7 Days

Face Yoga Benefits

These are some of the benefits you can derive from practicing Face Yoga.

It Is Purely Natural

There are many creams that are provided over the counter that can be used for anti-aging. The negative aspect of these creams and injections is that they have side effects. These side effects are caused by the numerous chemicals which are part of the ingredients in the cream. The good thing is that Face Yoga is purely natural making you glow without fear of any side effect later on.

Cheaper Than Other Medical Interventions

What is the cost of Face Yoga? Absolutely nothing! This comes as a relief as many people are known to spend lots of cash purchasing anti-aging creams and other anti-aging therapies. The only thing Face Yoga will cost you is just a couple of minutes of your day which cannot be compared with the huge time you will spend on the other expensive facial treatments. Once you learn them, you can exercise them easily wherever you go.

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Perfect In Releasing Tension

Did you know humans carry a lot of stress and anxiety within their neck and face? That is the sad reality, but the good news is that you can use Face Yoga to release all that tension. Face Yoga shows you the muscles that you need to stretch and contract in order to feel relaxed. This knowledge will also help you to reduce and recover from chronic pains such as neck pain. It will also help you to alleviate the tightness of the body that you might be carrying around.

Reduces Wrinkles Significantly

Though aging is a must for all human beings, Face Yoga helps you to slow down the aging process. It helps to reduce the wrinkles that you accumulate over the years as you smile or squint. Continuous practice of Face Yoga helps to tighten and tone your muscles. The tightening and toning of muscles cause the arteries to have a constant circulation of oxygen and blood. This constant circulation makes you look fresh all the time.

Known To Promote The Production Of Collagen

The activity performed by the muscles during Face Yoga boosts the production of collagen. This leads to the skin looking younger because the muscles have been toned.

Erase Years with Face Yoga

Results In A High Self-Esteem

A better appearance can result in a better feeling for you and this makes you even have more confidence and high self-esteem. Regular Face Yoga exercise will ultimately boost your self-esteem.

18 Great Face Yoga Poses

1. Smiling Fish Face

Muscles Engaged: Engage the muscles of your cheeks, jaws, and throat

Sit in an upright position and relax. Inhale and laugh or smile as wide as possible. Hold your laugh when you exhale. Pucker your mouth and suck your cheeks in and pinch them. Take care not to bite your cheeks. Do it again and duplicate the actions ten to 12 times.

Benefits: Strengthens your cheek and chin muscles.

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2. Kiss The Sky Pose

Just lift up your chin up towards the sky as much as you can to be able to stretch your skin below your throat. Blow air out of the mouth imitating just like you are kissing the sky. Continue for 10 to 15 seconds. Duplicate it at least 5 or more times.

Benefits: Helps your jaw lines highlighting your cheekbone. Great in reducing an unattractive double chin.

3. Lion Face Pose

Be seated upright straight to begin. Open the mouth and stick out your tongue completely. Now inhale through your nose and exhale out through your mouth. Pull your eyes wide open with your fingers. Maintain for five to 10 seconds. Relax and duplicate the series at least 5 times.

Benefits: Exercises and tones the complete face together with your neck. Releases stress and anxiety.

4. Neck Spin Pose

Be seated in an upright position. Now look right down to your chin nearer your chest. Gradually roll your throat so your ear moves nearer to the shoulder blades as you rotate and finish it by reverting to the initial position. Relax and replicate the move clockwise and then counterclockwise at least 10 times.

Benefits: Highly beneficial to eliminate double chin and attain a better jawline. In addition, it relieves stress and anxiety} around your neck and shoulders.

5. Legs Against the Wall Pose

This pose is similar to a tonic for the body as it brings an oxygen-rich blood flow streaming to your head. Just recline on the floor with your hip and legs up the wall structure.

Benefits: Provides a burst of energy to your brain, bringing a supply of needed oxygen to rejuvenate the mind.


6. Locked Tongue Pose

Be seated in the lotus position. Place the hands comfortably on your lap. Place the end of your tongue up against the upper part of your mouth like you are about to swallow your tongue. Maintaining your tongue this way, open the little by little and till you are feeling a stretching feeling in your neck. Do it again once or twice. Breathe normally through your nose.

Benefits: The Jivha Bandha chisels your body and provides your jawline with a great new line. Along with it, it also tones your face muscles

7. Chin Lock

Sit back in the Lotus position. Breathe deeply. Place the hands on the legs, lift your shoulder blades up and flex frontward. Press your chin securely against your upper body as near to the collarbone as possible for you. Maintain Keep from breathing for as long as possible. Release and do it again

Benefits: Designs, shapes, and tones your jaw and face muscles. It really is a great pose for people with a double chin and is very effective in eliminating the extra one for you

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8. Cheek Uplift

Sit comfortably and smiles as wide as possible. Now place the index and middle finger of both of your hands on both cheeks using your fingers, lift up your cheeks toward your eyes. Maintain the pose for a couple of seconds and relax. Duplicate the exercise once or twice.

Benefits: Cheek Uplifts are simply perfect for your cheekbones toning the face to make it look younger.

9. Chin Lift

Sit down or stand comfortably. Now, tilt the chin up toward the ceiling and roll your eyes up as well. Tighten up your lips and push them as if you wish you could kiss the ceiling. Maintain the pose for 2 to 3 seconds and release. Do it again the same way several times.

Benefits: Chin lifts will do away with sagging under the chin and {exercises your jaw and neck.

10. Neck Roll

Sit comfortably and keep head facing straight ahead. Now, bend the face towards your chin and then roll the face in a circular motion only moving the neck. Maintain good posture and keeping the back and shoulder blades as motionless as possible. Move in clockwise for 10 seconds then counter clockwise for 10 seconds. Stop for 10 seconds and repeat. Do a minimum of 10 repetitions.

Benefits: Moving your neck is the simplest way to reduce sagging skin around the chin. It molds your chin, jawline and throat and neck muscles. It tightens your skin of your around your and reduces sagging of your skin and wrinkles.

11. Lip Pull

Sit down comfortably or stand to face frontward and straight up. Lift up your lower lip as much as you can by forcing your lower jaw out. You need to feel a stretch out in your chin muscles and jaw while. Stay in that pose for a couple of seconds, relax and duplicate.

Benefits: Lip pulls tones your face muscles and provides you high cheekbones and a dominant jawline. It certainly makes you look younger.

12. Jaw Release

Seat yourself comfortably and move your jaw just like you are eating with the mouth closed. Breathe in while completing this part of the pose. After that, open up the mouth as wide as you possibly can with your tongue on your lower teeth. Maintain it for a couple of seconds and repeat the pose once or twice.

Benefits: Jaw release offers razor-sharp and attractive cheekbones, a dominant jaw line and minimizes your double chin. It exercises the muscles around your lip area, jaws, and cheeks.

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13. Eyes Focus

Procedure: Open up your eyes as large as you possibly can. Ensuring that your eyebrows aren’t wrinkled. Stay this way concentrate on a single spot in across the room. Keep up the position for approximately 10 seconds, then relax. Do it again four times.

Benefits: Makes your eyebrows arched.

14. Puff Up the Cheeks

The pose is done by taking a big breath of air in your mouth. Puff or shift the air inside your mouth from cheek to cheek. Continue shifting the air five times and then release it. Repeat the exercise at least three times.

Benefits: This pose helps your cheek muscles to be strong and firm.

15. Goodbye Crow-feet

You can do this pose by opening your eyes wider, the same way you do when scared. Take a slow look to the right then back to the center and then a slow look to the left and back to the center again. Repeat the exercise five times.

Benefits: The main aim of this pose is to reduce all the unwanted lines that form around your eyes commonly known as the crow’s feet.

16. The Puppet Face

Show your teeth while smiling, use your fingertip to gently press the creases that are between your lips and nose. Next, lift your muscles up and use your fingertips to press the muscles down to experience a bit of resistance.

Benefits: This pose is done mainly to lift the folds of the nose.

17. The Baby Bird

The pose is achieved by turning your head to your right and holding it for a few seconds, then repeating the same step on your left side. Use the roof of your mouth to press the tip of the tongue, smile and then swallow while your chin is pointed towards the ceiling.

Benefits: This pose helps to tone the muscles of the neck and chin. The toning of the muscles prevents the sagging of the neck and chin.’

18. The Buddha

Almost the simplest of the Face Yoga poses. You can do this by smiling very slightly while relaxing the other parts of the face.

Benefits: This pose helps to reset all the expressions that make lines on your face.

Shed 10 years using Face Yoga

Face Yoga vs Botox

Knowing the difference between Face Yoga and Botox can help you make a decision on which one to use. Find out some of the differences below.

• Face Yoga is natural while Botox is known for its use of chemicals.

• Face Yoga is free once you know the process while a Botox injection will cost you around $300. This makes Face Yoga more economical compared to Botox.

• In terms of long-term results, Face Yoga lasts as long as you continue doing the exercises; on the other hand, a Botox injection fades after a period of 4 to 6 months.

• Face Yoga has no side effects while Botox has been reported to have side effects such as depression and headaches.

• Face Yoga stimulates your brain by making it move the facial muscles while Botox makes the brain to lose its stimulation by stopping the movement of the muscles.

• Face Yoga helps your face achieve specific results by only using certain muscles while Botox can lead to other areas being affected, especially the areas you do not wish to be treated.

• Moving the muscles by doing the Face Yoga poses helps you to exercise the muscles that you rarely use on a daily basis, this can help you deliver a speech that is very clear, while Botox can cause you to lose the articulation of your speech. It does this by paralyzing your facial muscles including the areas that are affected as a result of the injection.

Reverse the Aging Process Use Face Yoga

Now that you have learned more about using Face Yoga the question becomes. Does it really work and should I use it?
Quite truthfully the audience is still out on this one.

In a recent study by John Van Borsel, Ph.D.; Marie-Camille De Vos, MSc; Karen Bastiaansen, MSc; Jaira Welvaert, MSc; and Jo Lambert, MD, Ph.D. they simply did not have enough data to put forth a finding.
In cases of single individuals, it has been found to help.
No large-scale random test group studies have been performed.Exercises ones facial and neck muscles while maintaining a relaxed look. Facial yoga is a form of exercise, which tones and tightens your face. As you exercise these muscles, you're drawing blood, oxygen and extra circulation to this delicate skin, which can stimulate collagen production and emulates youth. #yoga #health #fitness #flexibility #trail #yogaforbeginners #yogaposes #yogainspiration #yogaworkout #yogaworkouts #yogalifestyle

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