Songkran: The Thailand Party

It is Songkran- Water Fight Come to Thailand for their New Year’s celebration and you will never be “Sad” or “Dry” This 4-day water fight will be fun. The time is fast approaching.





Songkran: Thailand's Annual Water PartyOnly 2 days until our first Songkran. We have been to Thailand many times but we have never been here to be able to enjoy the Thai New Years. We have heard outlandish things that will go on with elephants spraying the crowds with water out of the moat to bands of locals roaming the moat roads with huge buckets of ice water. They love to hit the tourists with the contents.

We know that this is going to be a photographers dream and we will be out in force to get as many good shots as we can for you to enjoy. Will continue and finish the article on the 16th and let you know how two 65-year-old Americans were able to survive Songkran along with our impressions of the festival.

Songkran is celebrated all across Asia during April each year the 13, 14, 15 as a festival for the Lunar New Year. The big day is the 14th, My Birthday, and includes attending temple ceremonies. This is a way for the people cleanse their body and soul. The temples have celebrations, dancing, and music daily.

We have been out the first two days of Songkran and the change in the people in Thailand for this festival is amazing. They are always such a quiet unassuming people and now they look like people from the Europe or Americas regions at a Saturday night beer bar with one exception. They all have buckets of water (a lot of ice water) or water guns or really big super soaker water-guns and are on the streets using them.

Ready to Dowse - SongkranThailands Annual Water PartyThere are trucks filled with people driving around and around the “Old Town Square” with huge barrels of water. They dip smaller buckets into them and then soak anyone on the sidewalks or in neighboring vehicles. No one is safe except the very old, very young and the monks. The people along the sidewalks have set up water stations and as a truck goes by if they are low on water they hand the barrels to these people who fill them up by dipping buckets on ropes into the moat. The same guys they are dowsing are giving them the water to do it with. Everyone is having so much fun and is so happy it a great time to visit but, beware “You Will Get Wet”!

As far as the first few lines of the article yes they love to soak the tourists but, they love to soak everyone. I think they may even love throwing water on themselves. We are older than most and have run the gauntlet. From a few squirts to people walking up with a large bucket and gently scooping a few drops on us or even buckets of ice water. We go out dry and come back wet but we are really having fun and no we are not taken advantage of, quite the opposite we feel as though we are taken in as part of their celebration and it is more of an honor than a penance.

Take a little bit of a hint from the “Land of Smiles” and dedicate yourself to a happier life.