Unhealthy Gut Warning Signs

One of the most common unhealthy gut warning signs that you probably have experienced many times, is bloating, diarrhea and gas. Whenever we have these signs, we usually tend to just ignore them and just go on with our lives. We will be going through more of the unhealthy gut warning signs in this post.

Guts. That word has quite a lot of meanings to it. When you see someone who’s too courageous or is about to do something considerably stupid, but also requiring too much bravery, we say he has “guts”. We treat the word as a measure of courage and the ability to take on difficulties. But have you ever wondered why did we use the name of one of our most precious organs to describe such bravery? Simply because our “guts” are just as brave and important.

The human guts are essential for us to live, and they have to go through a lot in order to function properly and keep us in a healthy state. Not only do our ‘guts’ have to suffer the agony of processing our fast food and unhealthy eating habits, but it also does more than that. Some refer to the guts as a “second brain”, meaning it could have an impact on not just our belly, but also our mood and mental state. Now you believe why they chose to describe brave guys as having “guts”?

However, sometimes our guts go through rough patches. Not everything goes as smoothly as usual, and there can be some complications. You might be at work, tending to your daily stuff, and suddenly feel your belly making odd noises as if there’s an orchestra performing down there. Most of us tend to ignore these signs and treat them as ordinary things that are irrelevant to our health condition, but sometimes we shouldn’t ignore that. Sometimes our guts give us signs that warn us that it might be about to get into some trouble soon, and we have to listen to our ‘guts’. Excuse my pun.Unhealthy Gut Warning Signs and Cures 1

Unhealthy Gut Warning Signs

How Serious Is Leaky Gut

Serious, that is about the best way to describe the problem. The “Leaky Gut Syndrome” or hyperpermeability is linked to all of the illness below. This is a problem not to overlook but, luckily one that can be handled fairly easily.

  • Esophageal and colorectal cancer
  • Allergies
  • Inflammatory bowel diseases (Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis)
  • Celiac diseaseRespiratory infections
  • Gastric ulcers
  • Infectious diarrhea
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Chronic inflammatory conditions (such as arthritis)
  • Obesity-related metabolic diseases (fatty liver, Type II diabetes, heart disease)
  • Autoimmune disease (lupus, multiple sclerosis, Type I diabetes and more)
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Acute inflammation conditions (sepsis, SIRS, multiple organ failures)

So what are the “unhealthy gut warning signs” we should be watching out for?

One of the most common warning signs that you probably have experienced time and time again, is bloating, diarrhea and gas. Whenever we have one of those, we usually tend to just ignore it or say “Darn, it must be those pancakes I ate at breakfast.” – we tend to ignore it and just go on with our lives. That might be unhealthier than the sign itself. You see, ignoring warning signs that our body gives us is far more dangerous than any trouble our body goes through. 90% of diseases or organ dysfunctions that our bodies go through reach a harder, more difficult stage due to us neglecting those warning and only realizing it when our bodies deteriorate.

You might find this warning sign odd, or irrelevant to your mental state, but as stated before, guts are a second brain. They cause mood swings and can also be the reason behind your anxiety, depression or moodiness. You must have wondered multiple times about this before, asking yourself why all of a sudden you’re feeling terribly down or sad, or why you’re too nervous right now. Sometimes, the main culprit behind this is your gut. How this works is that an unhealthy gut might be affecting your ability to use serotonin, our happy hormone, making it unable to function probably, thus giving us these mood swings and waves of sadness and other negative feelings.

Are you having skin problems? If those skin problems are coming along with other warning signs, then you’re extremely likely to be experiencing gut warning signs and should go consult a doctor as soon as possible to relieve yourself quickly. Skin problems such as eczema are related to gut warning signs and have a relation to it. So if you ever go through one of those, it might just be in your belly.

The signs are many, honestly. Sometimes diabetes, food allergies or sensitivities, bad breath and even sugar cravings, as well as frequent infections, poor memory and so on, can be related to your gut warning signs. They could all be that thing in your belly telling you that you should go see a doctor and fix this ASAP.

From the pages of DR. Axe: The Leaky Gut Diet and Treatment Plan

Top 7 Foods For Getting Rid of Leaky Gut

A helpful article by WebMD: What Your Gut Bacteria Say About You

The Cure for Unhealthy Gut Warning Signs

So how do you fight back? How do you restore your guts back to full health as if nothing had happened? Well, the answer is quite simple, honestly, and most of us already know about it: Eat well.

And with eating well, I mean to eat healthy, not much. You need to consume rich, nutrient foods, reduce your sugar and unhealthy fatties that we get from junk and processed foods, detox your body and hydrate. That means a lot of water. You should chew your food better and focus on eating slowly, not quickly.

Overall, everything in our body reacts well to healthy eating habits or any lifestyle that’s healthy. So if you ever feel like your gut is acting up, go see a doctor first and make sure to eat well from now on.

Now that we have identified the problem

How Can You Repair Leaky Gut

The problem can be cured with 4 simple steps. Try the 4 R’s of Leaky Gut and get fast, permanent relief.

1. Replace and Supplement Your Diet With Healing Food
2. Repair You Guts With Natural Supplements
3. Remove The Unhealthy Foods and Associated Leaky Gut Problems
4. Rebalance Your System with Probiotics such as Kombucha

Let us know if you have suffered from any other unhealthy gut warning signs and how you are working towards fixing it. Our readers all are looking for information on becoming more healthy.Overweight Man in Orange shirt staring at a wall of weight loss ords

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