Unleash Your Inner Beauty – 4 Tips To Discover How Beautiful You Are

Isn’t it strange how everyone appears to be focused on physical beauty these days?  Sadly, many people judge another person’s worth, identity, and beauty almost entirely by their outward appearance. So where does that leave inner beauty?

Everyone possesses inner beauty, but whether we are aware of it or make use of it is up to us. Your inner beauty is something which is profoundly more important than physical beauty. It is something you should nurture and cherish. What’s more, once you begin to develop your inner beauty, your physical beauty tends to miraculously improve as well!

4 tips to discover how beautiful you are


1. Write a “What I Love About Me” list. This is an extremely powerful tool that will help you discover your inner beauty. Take some time to put on paper all the good characteristics that you have that don’t relate to something physical. Are you kind? Honest? Do you love children and animals? All these kinds of qualities, as well as many others, are connected to your inner beauty.

  • The simple process of writing down your good points provides you with tangible evidence of your wonderful inner qualities that you may not even have been aware of.

2. Surround yourself with those whose inner qualities you admire. Of course, they may also have physical beauty, but the reason you’re drawn to them is that they’re caring, loving, gentle, or otherwise admirable because of their inner qualities.

  • When you surround yourself with others who also have these qualities, your inner beauty will shine brighter too. If they are sensitive, they might even point out your inner beauty to you. People like this can see beyond the outer shell and concentrate on what is essential.

3. Develop and nurture your inner beauty. Almost everyone knows how to care for our physical beauty: we stay in shape, buy new clothes, get our hair and nails done, etc.

  • Remember, as soon as you uncover and develop your inner beauty, the physical beauty will follow. Undoubtedly you have met a person in the past, and you weren’t attracted to their physical beauty at first, but when you got to know them and noticed their inner beauty, they suddenly became more physically attractive as well.
  • What exactly can you do to highlight your inner beauty? It is very simple: Be you! Reveal the beautiful qualities that you have like love, patience, and compassion, and practice them every day.

4. Refrain from negative talk. Negative comments about other people and gossip lead to more negativity in you. Concentrate on seeing the good in people. Become a “good finder”! Instead of making a demeaning comment about another person’s appearance, put a positive angle on it, and compliment them on the point of his or her inner beauty.

  • Seeing the beauty in others will fuel and increase your inner beauty. Being focused on the good in others brings out the best in you, too! You will also notice that you begin to draw in people because they enjoy being around you. Attracting warm and caring friends is only the icing on the cake!


Your inner beauty is one-of-a-kind. It is your unique gift to the world, and only you can give it. Sadly, many of us never learn how to celebrate and honor it. Reveal your inner beauty to the world! You needn’t be afraid of it. Start using these tips and unleash your inner beauty. You will gain awesome, unshakable confidence!