7 Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Weight

The summer is finally approaching. You have many plans on how you will spend and enjoy your summertime. There is only one thing standing in your way. You need to drop a few pounds, but you are having a problem. You can’t lose weight! This article will help you to avoid the mistakes that most people make when they are trying to lose weight.

Are These The Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Weight?

1. You Fail to Monitor You Food Intake

To lose weight you have to eat more healthy foods. Keeping your program on a regular system check will directly determine your results. Most people fail to recognize the impact of having a meal timetable and keeping a track of what you are consuming every day. Ideally, your meal should contain more proteins from food such as legumes, chicken breast, fish, and pork. Proteins are so essential in the body that every meal you have should include at least one source of protein. You should also include large amounts of organic vegetables and fruits to get the required fiber. For you to get the needed healthy fats you should include foods like avocados, cashew oil and olive oil to provide your body with the healthy fats you need. For more information see our article on Fiber Rich Foods.

2. Keeping the Same Daily Workout Routine

If you limit yourself to the same exercise routine every day it will be hard for you to achieve your weight loss goals. Doing cardio is a great way to lose weight but limiting yourself to cardio only will definitely slow down the fat loss progress. You should include some weight lifting exercises into your routine. To help increase the impact the weightlifting program should vary in intensity from day to day. Weightlifting exercise will boost your metabolism and assist you in burning calories. Keeping the same routine will result in your body adjusting and actually, your weight loss and its results will grow stale. As a change up cardio routine, try Dance Fitness7 Reasons Why You Cant Lose Weight

3. Failure to Balance Exercise and Healthy Eating

Most people forget about how important it is to balance diet and exercise correctly. Eating healthy alone will not help you lose fat. Becoming too strict with your diet will not help you achieve your weight loss goals. Having a cheat day once in a week will help you enjoy the journey more and will shock the body. But, you should not consume more than 500 calories above your normal calorie intake. Overtraining, on the other hand, will only lead to injuries. You should only lift weights according to the level of your body stamina. The intensity and the weight will increase as you continue building up more power. If you insist on lifting more weight on your first days in the gym you might end up losing lean muscle rather than the fat you want to burn.

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Why You Cant Lose Weight

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4. Too Much Stress

Having anxiety, depression or stress triggers the brain to release a hormone called cortisol. The hormone triggers receptors in the body leading to more fat secretion and accumulation in the body. Whatever kind of life stress you are having from your family, job or the lifestyle you are living, it can slow down your fat loss. You need to loosen the weight of the burden you are carrying on your shoulders. Create time for meditation every day, read some books, try some new hobbies and create some new memories. Talk to friends and try to forgive yourself for your past failures and mistakes. Reducing these issues will make both your exercise and diet programs more productive. A great way to relax is with the techniques in Restorative Yoga.

5. Lack of Adequate Sleep

With a very busy schedule, it is more likely you are having less time to sleep. Having less than 7 hours of sleep can lead to weight gain. The human body is made in such a way that it needs time to relax and repair itself. The best time to relax your body organs and muscles is when you are sleeping. Remember that, if you are working out, the muscles are going through wear and tear. It is advisable to give your body time to repair itself with breaks between workout days. Have at least seven hours of sleep every day and you will boost your hormone balance, help your muscles to relax and prevent body fatigue.

6. Not Enough Liquid Intake

The human body is 75% made of water. Furthermore, water plays a major role in the functioning of body organs and cell creation. Adequate water intake is needed for digestion, transportation of chemicals, absorption of food in the bloodstream and the removal of toxic substances from the body. If the intake of water is too low these activities are not carried out effectively. When you are trying to lose weight, processes like metabolism, digestion and cell functions should be at the optimal level. Without enough water, this will not be possible. Drink water more than 4 times a day if you are working out. The daily recommended water intake is 2.7 liters for women and 3.7 liters for men.7 Reasons Why You Cant Lose Weight

7. Setting Goals You Can’t Achieve

Before anyone starts working out, they must have some goals in mind of what they would like to achieve. You should recognize in advance that weight loss is a slow process and it highly differs from one person to another. Setting unrealistic and impossible goals will quickly kill your motivation and affect the effort you are dedicating to the mission. Understanding your body and what is possible to achieve will help you not to give up and to look forward to continuing your program. Weight loss is not a walk in the park. It requires discipline, motivation, and consistency.


Not everybody can have that look of professional models and bodybuilders but everyone can do something about their weight if they avoid the above common mistakes. Take these steps in and try to implement every one of them into your life for a program this will give you much better results. Share your journey with our readers. Let us know if implementing these 7 easy steps has aided in your weight loss and lifestyle goals. Our readers love to share with one another.
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