7 Ways To Lose More Weight

When you want to lose more weight and keep it off, there has to be a lifestyle change, where bad habits are broken and new habits of eating healthy foods, exercising regularly, staying positive about your weight loss and getting the energy needed for your daily activities are formulated. Below you will find 7 things that will help you to lose more weight and keep it off, as you work to transform your body and your lifestyle.

7 Ways to Lose More Weight

As a blog writer, I am often writing about being more positive, eating better, performing better and exercising more. If you want to truly make a difference in your life and lose more weight, those unwanted pounds, then a quick fix diet will not work. Often after dieting, you will find yourself going back to those bad habits that you have always had. This leads to poor eating habits, being negative about your weight loss, leading a sedentary lifestyle and not being able to do those activities that you need to get done throughout your day.


If you are looking for a lean and sleek body mass, then circuit training is going to be most beneficial for you. For those of you who walk or run, while that is great, it will only show limited results. Circuit training helps to burn calories quicker and works on every major muscle group. It also gives you more of a variety of exercises within a limited amount of time. Try these articles to see more about circuit training and how it helps you to increase your metabolism rate, thereby helping you burn more calories during your workouts so you lose more weight. Tabata Workout Benefits and HIIT Workout Schedule For Max Benefits.


There are so many women in particular, who like to use their scales daily to determine if they are losing enough weight. What you really should be doing is trying on a pair of your favorite jeans. If they are baggy, then you know that you have scored with your weight loss program. If your jeans fit, then at least you know that you have not gained unwanted pounds. If your favorite jeans are tight, then it is time to cut back and start an exercise program to lose more weight. And, if you cannot pull them up past your thighs, then there is a loud and resounding alarm bell telling you to get moving with your weight loss program of eating healthy, exercising, staying positive and creating good energy for daily activities.


Whatever you decide to do with your weight loss program, you need to do it with consistency. When you do something positive daily, then eventually positive results will occur. Make a decision about the number of fruits and vegetables that you will consume daily. Make a decision to drink the needed amount of water. Have an accountability partner, that will make sure that you are getting it done every day. They will call you in the morning and evening before you go to bed to ensure that you have done everything you needed to do for the day and remind you what you will need to do for the next day. Are you going to do circuit training, strength training or cardio training? Map out your exercise program to lose more weight on a daily basis so that you will have a pre-determined idea of what your weight loss program looks like. Consistency turns your dreams of losing those unwanted pounds into a reality that will have you looking and feeling better over time.

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As you go throughout your day, use Sunday or your day off to plan ahead for what you will eat for the week. You may want to take those grilled chicken breasts and use them in a salad or pair them with healthy vegetables. Cook enough for the week and then store them in refrigerator bags to keep them fresh and filled with nutrients. You can place an entire meal in one bag and just take it out daily. Even smoothies and other fruit drinks can be stored to be used later on in the week. Whatever you do, remember to prep cook and plan ahead to help you budget and prepare for the healthiest of meals to lose more weight for your week.


For that in-between snack, usually, a small bucket of popcorn is healthiest. You may also want to eat fresh fruits or nuts. These snacks can give your body energy without weighing you down with heavy calories, sugars or fats. Remember to snack healthy to give your body the fuel and energy that it needs to lose more weight and to help you get what you need to get done throughout the day.


Exercising and going through a weight loss program is no fun alone. Remember, that it is truly a lifestyle change, so you will need someone that is with you throughout the duration to hold your feet to the fire and make you accountable for your actions. You may want that someone to daily call and check up on you or actually exercise and eat with you to ensure that you are doing what is needed to burn calories, lose more weight and keep it off long term.


Remember that your fitness routine can be fun. You do not have to perform daily, drab exercise routines and eat bland foods to lose more weight. Make sure that whatever you choose to do, that you are enjoying it. You may want to go swimming or try a new dance class. You may want to do a wider variety of exercising to help make it more interesting. Getting with a nutritionist if possible about your food and caloric intake may also be a good idea. They may have ways of giving you food ideas that are delicious and nutritious at the same time.

Whatever you decide about your weight loss, remember that quick fixes won’t work. It has to be a complete lifestyle change, that involves consistency, eating healthy snacks and foods, burning calories, building muscle mass, having an accountability partner and making your routines and eating habits fun. This will ensure a successful program that will have you back in those favorite jeans in no time.

Let us know if you have tried any other ways of changing your lifestyle and how it is working for you. Our readers all are looking for information on lifestyle changes that are successful.
7 Ways To Lose More Weight

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