The Dummies Guide To Getting The Best Exercise Bike

Do you want to feel better, have great cardio that requires little to no stress on your joints? If you answered yes, then consider the best exercise bike available. We will show you how to get the best value for your dollar. However, choosing the appropriate one can be an overwhelming process. 


Have you ever wanted to get your cardiovascular workout in during a cold winter day, or a hot and humid summer afternoon? Or would you simply prefer working out from the comfort of your home? If you do, then finding the best exercise bike is for you.  There are thousands of different models available in the market, and each one has its advantages. Hundreds of websites out there are dedicated to the task of explaining the mechanism of exercise bikes to you. In here, you will find all the information you need know about exercise bikes and how to choose one that fits your needs and budget perfectly.

Choosing the Best Exercise Bike AvailableThe Dummies Guide To Getting The Best Exercise Bike

As technology has progressed, bikes have become more and more technical. Each one adding different features. Yet the art of cycling remains one of the best forms of exercise for both adults and children. Just by deciding to get an exercise bike you are already making a life-changing choice. But just where do you start?

These bikes come in three different styles. Each of these styles is designed to be the best exercise bike to suit the needs of different people.

The Dummies Guide To Getting The Best Exercise Bike - Upright Bike

Upright Bikes

These exercise bikes are devised in the form of commuter bicycles; you only need to sit on the backless seat and cycle away. Regarding size, these models come in the smallest sizes, therefore perfect for tight spaces.

The Dummies Guide To Getting The Best Exercise Bike - Spin Bike

Spin Bikes

These are the least comfortable and are best preferred by keen cyclists. Much like road bicycles, spin exercise bikes are lightweight in nature, but this fact only adds to their price. Most of the models designed in this style come with special shoes and additional equipment to help you track your exercises.

The Dummies Guide To Getting The Best Exercise Bike - Recumbent Bike

Recumbent Bikes

Do you need some extra back support? Then this is the style for you. The adjustable seat is comfortable, and the pedals are located to your front, so it is possible to lean way back and still cycle. These bikes are perfect for those whose mobility problems prevent them from sitting on an upright bicycle chair.

Choose your bike depending on how intense you want your workout to be. Different bikes come with different control features; here are three of the most important ones to consider.


Go for the kind of bike that is appropriate for your body type. There are models with seats that adjust both in horizontal and vertical directions to match your height. Need a better grip on your handlebars? Then choose a model that can allow you to change this feature. Some bikes will adjust your peddling speed automatically and enable you to look at the fitness tracking console no matter what position you are in. It is all about your comfort, so choose a bike that adjusts to your needs and not the other way around.


There are bikes with friction resistance, and there are bikes with magnetic resistance. Those with magnetic resistance, preferred and more expensive, have ferrous magnets fitted around their flywheels. Those with friction resistance are equipped with a fabric pad (or sometimes a felt pad) which presses against the flywheel to create friction. Given the wear and tear that comes with resistance, those fitted with pads rather than magnets need regular maintenance. You need to choose a bike whose resistance levels suit your workout needs. Some bikes adjust up to a level of 20, and for most, this will mean a very strenuous workout. Lower resistance levels will make it easier for you to pedal.

Preset Features

You can now target the specific goals of your workout – to increase your heart rate, or to burn your calories. Models that have preset features will act as your trainer helping you to reach your workout goals.

10 Major Factors In Picking the Best Exercise Bike

Now that you understand why and how to select the best exercise bike for your needs, here are ten more factors that you need to consider.

    1. Warranty

      Remember, this is a machine that you will use almost every day. The warranty needs to cover you for at least two years. Make sure you are covered if anything happens to the major moving parts of the bike, but extended warranties are usually not a good idea. Try to get a warranty that covers home maintenance. You don’t want to have to take this apart and transport it someplace to be repaired.

    2. Display Features

      The display must be clear, and the controls must be easy to use. The best exercise bikes will show you your heart rate, the number of calories you have burned, your speed, your RPM (revolutions per minute), how long you have worked out, the distance you have covered, and the resistance levels you are working with.

    3. Extra Features

      The thrill of the workout lies in the little things. If you would like to read as you exercise, then choose a bike that comes with a book rest. Some feature water bottle holders, and some even let you play video games while you pedal. You won’t even notice the minutes slipping away. This would be my son’s best exercise bike.

    4. Heart Rate Monitor

      Different machines come with various types of controls. There are those you can strap to your chest and others that are programmed into the handlebars. Choose a bike with a monitor that will not impede your movement; the ones strapped to your body are best.

    5. Safety

      Even if you don’t live with small children, it is still important to get a bike that is safe for you. Always buy an enclosed machine; the flywheel and chain should never be exposed to limit the risk of anything getting stuck in there.

    6. Design

      Always go for adjustable models, be it in the handlebars, the seat, the pedals, or the resistance. Some bikes, however, can claim to adjust for people up to 6 feet, but turn out to be uncomfortable for users below that height. Always test the bike before you bring it home with you. Some machines are equipped with wheels to make them easier to transport.

    7. Learning and Support

      Buy from a company that provides support 24 hours a day on its use and maintenance. Some companies will even go as far as providing tutorial videos for their clients. Make sure that you can always get help anytime you need it without paying a lot of money. That would make them the best exercise bike dealer to choose.

    8. Flywheel Design

      This part of the bike needs to be of considerable weight. Usually, flywheels meant for starters reach a maximum of 20 lbs, while those intended for experienced users weigh as much as 33 lbs and more. The best flywheels should not be less than 15-16 lbs.

    9. Weight Support</h4
      Consider looking at the maximum weight that a bike can sustain. The best exercise bikes will hold up to 330 pounds, but some only support weights of up to 220 pounds.

  1. Price

    You can get the best exercise bike for as little as $200, and you can get one for as much as $2,000. The most expensive machines come with more features and better performance. However, you don’t always have to go for the highest prices. You can get a great bargain no matter the amount of money you are willing to pay. The $200 will burn the same amount of calories as the $2000 in almost all cases.The Dummies Guide To Getting The Best Exercise Bike

Exercise Bike Benefits

These bikes will serve you like any other form of cycling would. The only difference being that with exercise bikes, you can track your fitness and make your workouts more productive rather than more strenuous. While running remains the number one choice for those interested in a cardiorespiratory workout … Here is what the best exercise bikes can do for you.

‥ Strengthen your legs and hips
‥ Help you in losing weight
‥ Lower your blood pressure
‥ Improve your cardiovascular fitness
Assist you in recovery from an injury or illness that limited your mobility
‥ Regular cycling has also been said to improve brain power, but this information is from new studies and still needs a lot of testing.
‥ Maximize your lung capacity.
Aid in Diabetes Care
‥ Let you exercise with the stress running has on your knees.

How to Ride an Exercise Bike

1. Sit down on the bike and position your heels on the pedals
2. To make sure your knees are fully extended, adjust the bike’s features accordingly. You can choose to move the seat, or the pedals until you are in a comfortable position. Poor posture will put unnecessary strain on your neck, your upper back, and your lower back.
3. Pedal to check your positioning, making sure that you feel a slight bend in your knees every time a foot’s pedal is at the furthest from you during the cycling motion.
4. Your grip on the handlebars should be lights, and your shoulder blades should be pushed back.
5. For the first 5-10 minutes, pedal slowly to warm up.
6. Work out for at least 30 more minutes, taking 10-minute breaks if you have to, and monitor your heart rate.
7. Just as you warmed up, you need to pedal slowly for the last 5-10 minutes to give your body a chance to cool down.

How to Train on a Stationary Bike

As long as you get the posture right, you are ready to train. It is recommended that you maintain your training for at least three months, making sure to get 150 minutes on the bike every week. With the basic 30-minute training workout, it is possible to train five days a week and improve your health.

Basic 30-Min. Training Workout on the best Exercise Bike.

This simple routine can help tone your legs and burn your calories.
• In this workout, you need to reserve the first five minutes to warm up, and the last five minutes to cool down.
• The remaining 20 minutes are broken down into parts where you will alternate the intensity of your cycles.
• For a maximum of a minute and a half, you need to sprint. In other words, pedal as hard as you can.
• The next minute is for you to recover; reduce your intensity and take a breath.
• The cycle goes on; sprint for one and a half minutes, then recover for one.
• Do this until 20 minutes are over and cool down for five minutes.

Physical Considerations In Picking the Best Exercise Bike

Whereas experienced users usually prefer spin bikes, those with certain mobility problems can only use recumbent bikes because of the extra support. To make sure you are getting the right bike, always consult with a health professional or a fitness expert. You definitely want to get the best exercise bike for your physical needs.

Upright bikes and spin bikes are best for people without any mobility or cardio limitations as they tend to strain the body to a certain extent. Recumbent bikes, on the other hand, are the best exercise bikes for the following physical considerations:

1. Physical Therapy Patients
These patients need to avoid the upright bike and the spin bike. If recovering from an injury or accident, then make sure you are always comfortable when you work out. Take advantage of the extra back support offered by recumbent bikes.
2. Arthritis patients
Cycling does a lot to strengthen the joints, but if you have arthritis, then it is best to start slow and work your way up to intense.
3. Cardio rehabilitation patients
4. Surgery patients
5. Accident patients who injured their knees and hips
6. Aids in Balance for elderly patients

When dealing with an injury, it is entirely common to feel some pains after you get on a bike. If this should happen, talk to a health professional and have your physical condition accessed before you continue to use the exercise bike.

Stationary bikes consider the physical limitations of different people in their design. A factor that only makes them more popular. Different patients have been able to boost their muscle strength and their health thanks to these bikes. In as much as working out is recommended, it is advisable to always listen to your body. This is especially true for patients in recovery. Don’t aggravate your injuries on the exercise bikes. If your body tells you to stop and take a break from cycling, then stop.

Summing It All Up

You don’t have to strain your body to stay healthy. Exercise bikes are an excellent way to stay fit from the comfort of your home gym. They are simple enough for you to master in a few days and small enough for you to store away. Always select a machine that can adjust to your comfort, your workout intensity, your body type, and your preferences.

Before buying a bike, always read customer reviews and testimonials from which you can gather the knowledge you need to make an informed decision. Never rush into the purchase if you are not sure. Ask questions, after all, you want to make sure you are getting the best exercise bike for YOU.

Those of you with physical limitations need to ask for guidelines from professionals to prevent their injuries from becoming worse.

Now that you have all the necessary information, you are ready to go out and get the best exercise bike for your training needs. Always remember to have fun.


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