6 Simple Exercises to Help Sagging Breasts

The breasts are a fatty tissue that is located directly on top of the pectoral muscles. If you have problems, the best way to help sagging breasts and to lift them is to strengthen the muscles underneath them. Strengthening them will support them better and prevent sagging. If the muscles aren’t strong your breasts will sag more.

SPOILER ALERT: These steps aren’t going to enhance your breasts in a way that a surgeon could. However, they will help you build and shape your upper body muscles and improve your chest appearance. You don’t have to have surgery to have firm breasts.

6 Simple Exercises to Help Sagging Breasts

1.  Squeeze a Medicine Ball to Your Chest
This is an exercise is a great way to prepare your chest for more intense exercises to come. It also works your shoulder muscles. You can do it before your workouts or you can do it after to relieve your chest of any soreness. Either way, it will help sagging breasts.
Beautiful young woman with perfect breasts exercising to maintain her body.

To perform this exercise, sit up on a chair with your back straightened and your stomach tensed. Take the medicine ball and hold it to your chest to contract it. Squeeze the ball and straighten your arms simultaneously. Keep your arms pressed against the ball as you do this. Bring it back towards your chest and repeat this movement for 1-3 sets of 10 reps.

2.  Push-Up
This exercise is perfect for improving the firmness in your chest. It can also strengthen your back and core muscles. This exercise can be done without having to purchase any equipment or go to a gym. If you are heavier or are weaker in the joints, you can perform the moderate version by placing your knees on the ground. To help sagging breasts, this is one of the better exercises.

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Lie face down and place your hands on the ground next to your armpits. Next, push yourself up so your elbows are slightly bent. Keep your stomach tensed as you do this. Then, lower your chest to the ground and push yourself back up once more. Repeat this exercise as many times as your body will allow without you burning out.

3.  The T-Plank
The T-Plank, also known as the front plank, tightens your belly and strengthens your body. It strengthens your chest, arms, back, glutes, and legs. It can also make your butt bigger and firmer. These areas are strengthened by body weight instead of equipment. This makes it a more challenging exercise. If you want an even bigger challenge, you can add weights.
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The first thing you want to do is hold your body up in the push-up position. Spread your legs past hip-point for more stability. Lift your right arm and make sure that you’re holding your weight. Open your body so much that you make a “T” shape with your body. Hold this pose for 10 seconds.

Return to your starting position and repeat the same movement on the left side of your body. That’s one rep. You want to do about 5-10 reps.

If this is putting a strain on your body, put your knees on the ground. This pose should become easier to perform in due time. Once you start to get stronger, it won’t be such a challenge. However, if a challenge is what you want, lift your top leg 6 inches off of the bottom one so that it is hovering in the air. Then, use 5-10 pound weights as handles.

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4.  Bench Press
Bench pressing is the perfect exercise for improving the appearance and to help sagging breasts. This exercise can help your chest appear more lifted and firm. This is because the pectoral muscles are strengthened, which helps support the breast tissue. Weak pectoral muscles result in sagging. If you don’t have access to a bench, you can use a swiss ball.

Lie down on a bench with your body facing the sky. If you don’t want to lie on the bench you can lie on the swiss ball or on the floor. Straighten your arms and have a dumbbell in each hand. Lower the dumbbells until they are close to your sides. Press them back up to the starting position. That’s one rep. You want to do 10 of these.

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5.  Dumbbell Fly
This is a wonderful exercise to help sagging breasts.

Lie down on a bench or on the floor with your body facing the sky. Bend your knees.

Hold the dumbbells above your shoulders with your elbows slightly bent. While your elbows are bent, lower the weights until they are aligned with your chest.

Press your weights back up as your elbows are still bent. Perform 10 reps.
Woman with perfect breasts and 6 exercises you can do to firm and lift your breasts.

6.  Applying Pressure
You can easily plump your breasts with this simple exercise. All you have to do is apply pressure to your chest muscles. This targets your pectoral muscles and helps with breast support.

To perform this exercise, stand against the wall. Make sure you are standing straight and facing towards the wall.

Place your hands on the wall and lean against it. As you do this, use your hands to put pressure on the wall. Use a force that you would use if you were trying to move the wall. Continue to apply pressure by pushing yourself against the wall for 10 seconds at a time.
Take a quick break and release your pose. Start again, repeating this 10 times.

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6 Simple Exercises to Help Sagging Breasts

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