Knee Pain Relief The Natural Way

Knee pain relief is required more by women. Years of stooping, kneeling and running around truly take a toll on your knees. Studies show women are up to 6 times more likely than men to suffer from knee pain injuries like ACL tears. Discover the real cause of knee pain and check out great ways to fix bad arthritis of the knees for good.

1. Creaky Knees

You may have issues with your knees if you sit for long periods or when you are walking up an incline.

THE CAUSE is known as a “runner’s knee”, patellofemoral syndrome and affects those who are couch potatoes. The creaking you feel is due to misaligned kneecap grating over the lower end of your thighbone. Women are especially susceptible to this syndrome due to the fact that their pelvis is wide and that causes their knees to bend towards the inner side, generating bigger quadriceps or Q than that their better halves lack. Experts also state that this Q inclination puts some more pressure towards the knees of a woman.

KNEE PAIN RELIEF: If you are active in high-intensity exercises like playing tennis, running, cut back (but do not totally stop or the muscles that support your knees will weaken) and add gentler activities such as swimming and yoga to your routine. You can also purchase another pair of exercising shoes which will ensure aches on parts of your knee are passably reduced.

2. Aching Knees

Amid physical action, you feel a sharp agony between your kneecap and shinbone. The torment holds on as a consistent, dull throb.

THE CAUSE is Tendonitis that happens at the point when the ligaments associating your kneecap to the shinbone end up aroused because of continuous pressure and overuse. Signs trigger when you increase the intensity of your workouts.

KNEE PAIN RELIEF: To alleviate knee pain and reduce swelling, take a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) such as ibuprofen, and use ice, rest and elevate your throbbing knee, particularly following a workout. Also, consult your physician on Velcro bands, patellar tendon straps which are placed just under your kneecap, which alleviate knee pain by taking pressure off the tendon. If knee pain persists or worsens, immediately consult your doctor.

3 Stiff Knees

The knee may become painfully swollen and deter you from bending it.

THE CAUSE is Osteoarthritis. The cartilage which curtails your joints separates because of utilization, age or abundance weight, and influences your body to deliver more joint liquid in the knee so, at the point when the ligament wears out totally, you are left with bone rubbing on bone and horrendously swollen joints.

KNEE PAIN RELIEF: Losing just 11 pounds can take pressure off your knees and reduce knee pain by 50 percent, according to one study. Additionally, taking NSAIDs, resting and using ice can remedy arthritis of the knee. If your knee turns red or gets warm when you touch it, consult the doctor, he or she may drain the excess joint fluid with a needle. About 25 percent of people with osteoarthritis need knee-replacement surgery.

4. Twisted Knees

You feel and some of the time hear a “pop,”, and afterward your knee fails, causing fantastic pain. Typically this knee injury happens while playing sports.

THE CAUSE: The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), and an elastic band of tissue that stabilizes the knee, tears. Once again, women’s Q angle comes into play. According to expert, a lady’s kneecap pulls marginally to the side when she arrives after a bounce because of her more extensive pelvis. This result ensures the quadriceps get harder towards the knee. Experts also speculate the great amounts of estrogen which make ligaments lose and are unable to guard the knees that are weak.

KNEE PAIN RELIEF: Consult your physician immediately. Approximately slightly less than half of those whose tear their ACL are able to move after 6-8 weeks after the right kind of therapy. So if you have an unstable kneecap, you are recommended for arthroscopic surgery. And if you play sports, doing exercises that strengthen your hip and butt muscles and practicing proper jumping and landing can decrease your risk of ACL injuries.

Knee Pain Relief The Natural Way 1

Natural Alternative Knee Pain Treatments

• Yoga is very effective for treating knee pain. Doing regular yoga with breathing exercises help you to relax and also to cure knee ache because it is caused by mental stress also. Yoga helps to bring flexibility in the knee joint by natural ways.

• Another method of eradicating knee pain is PRICE. PRICE is an acronym that stands for Protection, Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. This is one of the widely accepted home remedies that is followed to overcome knee pain. Using ointments that contains soothing essential oils can lessen the knee pain caused due to inflammation or injury.

• Avoid using an exercise cream that may cause discomfort due to heat that may burn the skin. Do exercises for your knee joints that target the muscle around the knee and help in strengthening the muscles. While doing stretching exercises be alert to go slow and do not overstretch as it may tear a muscle. Intensification of the muscles that sustain the knee with exercises is the most vital thing to do to look after your knees from injury. Weak and fatigued muscles cannot sustain the knee joint or act as a shock absorber for your knee. When you experience a cramp, stretch the affected muscle with one hand while you smoothly massage and knead the center of the muscle using your alternate hand. Walk it out.

• Once an acute cramp is surpassed, avoid doing heavy exercises right away. As an alternative, take a walk for few minutes to maintain the flow of blood back to the knees. One can also go in for nutritional supplements like Chondroitin Sulphate, Glucosamine Sulphate, S-adenosyl-methionine (SAMe), Niacinamide (vitamin B3) and Vitamin E as this may help in alleviating the knee pain caused due to knee injuries.

• Some other forms of home remedies include making a paste using leaves of Rasna, Black Phaseolus Seeds, Country Mallow and Castor and all these can be applied on the joint. In addition, you can make a paste using castor, turmeric mixed in clarified butter or goat’s milk and wheat. Extra weight and obesity is also one of the major reasons for knee pain and hence losing those extra pounds can help you to get rid of the knee pain.

• Do jogging, walking, or swimming, whatever you are comfortable with and stay fit to avoid any knee pain. During the winter, keep your knee warm by using wintergreen lotion as it produces heat and reduces pain. If it’s not adequate, then wrap your knees with warm clothes after applying the lotion. Always seek advice from experts before opting for any remedies as your keens are an important part of your body and help your body movement and do other important activities.

• Warrior posture is also very helpful for reducing joint pain. You can try this by standing with your feet 4 foot apart. Then turn your left foot in an inward direction and right foot in an outward direction. Keep your chest facing straight and in front. Stretch your both the arms and bend in the direction of right knee and also turn your head to look at your right knee. Repeat this process with each leg.

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External Natural Applications

1) Heat half a cup of coconut oil till it becomes lukewarm. Apply the oil to your knee joint and massage gently. Massaging will have the effect of improving blood circulation in the affected area.
2) Roast a few leaves of fenugreek and then crush them into powder. Mix this powder with water to make a thick paste. Apply this paste on your knee joint.

Basically, consider where the pain is,

Internal Natural Remedies

1) Take a few fresh leaves of wild spinach (Chenopodium Album), also known as lamb’s quarters and extract the juice by squeezing the leaves on a sieve. Drink about 15 grams of this juice on an empty stomach. Do this till your knee pain goes away.
2) Drink one glass of hot milk with one teaspoon of turmeric powder added to it and mixed well. You can do this every day, even if you don’t have a knee problem!

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