Weight Loss Exercising With Arthritis or Joint Problems

Weight loss exercising with arthritis or joint problems is not easy. In order for it to be accomplished, you need to focus on low impact exercise. It will result in adding more years to your life and lowering the risk of contracting lifestyle diseases. Start weight loss exercising as soon as possible if you want to live longer and healthier.

Exercise Helps Ease Arthritis Pain and Stiffness

“As you consider starting an arthritis exercise program, understand what’s within your limits and what level of exercise is likely to give you results.”
By Mayo Clinic Staff

Exercise is crucial for people with arthritis. It increases strength and flexibility, reduces joint pain, and helps combat fatigue. Of course, when stiff and painful joints are already bogging you down, the thought of walking around the block or swimming a few laps might seem overwhelming.

But you don’t need to run a marathon or swim as fast as an Olympic competitor to help reduce arthritis symptoms. Even moderate exercise can ease your pain and help you maintain a healthy weight. When arthritis threatens to immobilize you, exercise keeps you moving. Not convinced? Read on.Weight Loss Exercising With Arthritis or Joint Problems


Exercise can help you improve your health and fitness without hurting your joints. With your current treatment program, exercise can:

‥ Strengthen the muscles around your joints
‥ Help you maintain bone strength
‥ Give you more energy to get through the day
‥ Make it easier to get a good night’s sleep
‥ Help you control your weight
‥ Enhance your quality of life
‥ Improve your balance
Though you might think exercise will aggravate your joint pain and stiffness, that’s not the case. Lack of exercise actually can make your joints even more painful and stiff.

That’s because keeping your muscles and surrounding tissue strong is crucial to maintaining support for your bones. Not exercising weakens those supporting muscles, creating more stress on your joints.


Talk to your doctor about fitting exercise into your treatment plan. What types of exercises are best for you depends on your type of arthritis and which joints are involved. Your doctor or a physical therapist can work with you to find the exercise plan that gives you the most benefit with the least aggravation of your joint pain.Weight Loss Exercise With Arthritis or Joint Problems

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Exercising with Arthritis: 10 Easy Low Impact Exercises

Sore, inflamed joints make exercise hard to endure but there are alternative types of exercise to make this easier. When joints are inflamed, “Don’t Exercise” just rest for 2 to 3 days before you begin again. Find the exercise program that is right for you. The one that allows you to exercise with the least amount of pain or issues for your health.

We will discuss 10 of our favorite types of exercise for you to try and give you the good and the bad that is associated with each one.

1. Yoga - Weight Loss Exercise With Arthritis or Joint Problems

1. Yoga

Yoga is good for everyone regardless of age or physical abilities. The beauty of it is anyone can do yoga. The professionals in that niche are some of the most helpful you will find.

The meditation and relaxation that accompanies yoga sessions is not only good for your mental faculties but also helps build the immune system which helps with inflammation of the joints. The stretching and moving are slow and can promote better mobility.


2. Walking - Weight Loss Exercise With Arthritis or Joint Problems

2. Walking

Walking is good for anyone and everyone. It is a great choice since it lets everyone move at their own pace and abilities.

Walking helps bone strength, burns calories, gets you out of your house and into the sunshine and fresh air. You can start slow and build your speed, and distance as your physical stamina increases.



3. Pilates - Weight Loss Exercise With Arthritis or Joint Problems

3. Pilates

Pilates is good for everyone but especially for those trying to build muscle strength.

Pilates lets you strengthen your muscles, makes your joints more stable and your balance better.



4. Water Yoga - Weight Loss Exercise With Arthritis or Joint Problems

4. Water Yoga

This is perhaps the best choice for people with bad joint pain and individuals who are extremely overweight.

You are able to move through a pool with no stress on your joint as your natural buoyancy helps relieve the stress on your joints. For serious joint problems, you can use a water jogging belt. This allows you to begin with your feet suspended above the floor of the pool and you are not putting any pressure on your joints.


5. Tai Chi - Weight Loss Exercise With Arthritis or Joint Problems

5. Tai Chi

Tai Chi is low impact, very soothing and great for the mind and the body.

Simply join a group to learn the moves, don’t practice longer than you might normally walk and build up stamina for longer sessions as you too. 20 to 40 minutes would be an average time for people with joint problems.



6. Weightlifting - Weight Loss Exercise With Arthritis or Joint Problems

6. Weightlifting

Weightlifting is good for everyone and no we are talking 5 to 10-pound weight maximum.

Begin exercising your arms with simple curls and lifts. Your muscle strength and endurance will build over time and you can lengthen your workouts. Try doing this while doing water training for added benefits.



7. Zumba - Weight Loss Exercise With Arthritis or Joint Problems

7. Zumba

This is a good option for people with less serious joint issues.

The exercise itself is fun, you get the enjoyment and support of a group of people and there are usually classes for seniors that will fit right into your health situation. East into Zumba and do what you can during each class. Your time and endurance will increase as you progress.



8. Qi Gong - Weight Loss Exercise With Arthritis or Joint Problems

8.Qi Gong

Qigong is much like Tai Chi. A series of slow methodical movements repeated a number of times while stretching muscles. It will improve both core strength and your posture.

Qigong can be standing or for people who are starting can be performed while seated much like Chair Yoga.



9. Elliptical training - Weight Loss Exercise With Arthritis or Joint Problems

9.Elliptical training

Ellipticals are best used by people with a little better mobility.

You can start slowly and build your stamina but it is a more mobile exercise and best for people with less joint issues. The other plus is the great cardio workout you will get along with the movement of joints and muscles. Another plus is the low impact since you are not putting any more weight on your joints than you would be simply standing.


10. Three-way hip exercises - Weight Loss Exercise With Arthritis or Joint Problems

10. Three-way hip exercises

This is a program that is great for people with bad hips and knees.






Exercising with Arthritis: Weight Loss to Alleviate Joint Stress

Losing weight will make you feel and look good and make your joint problems a thing of the past. Overweight people who lose weight can move better and are also more likely to live longer. Dieting plays a big role in weight loss exercising and it can help you in shedding off some excess pounds. The most popular diet which goes hand in hand with weight loss exercising is the fruit and salad diet. This basically consists of generous servings of fruits and vegetables. They help in washing out fats and toxins from your body and you should take them twice a day. You will start seeing results in a month and your joint problems will subside.

Some of the advantages of losing weight are: it reduces the problems of your joints, it reduces that pain and inflammation in your joints, it lowers the chances of contracting chronic diseases, it eases breathing and it reduces the risk of you contracting heart disease or having a stroke.

When it comes to weight loss supplements some of the ingredients are:

Hoodia Gordonii cactus
Gymnema Sylvestre
Herbal Plus Guarana
Extra Strength Apple Cider Vinegar Pills
‥ Chromium
‥ Chitosan
‥ Bitter Orange.

Bitter orange has side effects and therefore it should be taken with caution. Chitosan is not very relevant when it comes to weight loss because its impact is minimal. Chromium is not known to be effective in any way when it comes to weight loss.

Cider Vinegar has a bigger impact when it comes to weight loss but it should be avoided when taking them after consuming a meal of carbohydrates. This is because it interferes with the digestion of carbohydrates.

Guarana should be taken with care as it contains a lot of caffeine.

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