Kombucha Benefits Nature’s Probiotic

Kombucha benefits are many and varied. To be clear there is no one specific way of how and when to use this fermented beverage. The bacteria that is created, usually line the digestive tract and help to improve the immune system of the body while absorbing nutrients and fighting off illness and infections. Kombucha originated from the Far East over 2,000 years ago and it’s popularly known as the Immortal Health Elixir by the Chinese, thanks to its tremendous benefits.

Kombucha is a type of fermented beverage that consists of black tea and sugar. The sugar is from various all-natural sources such as fruits, honey or sugar cane. The fermented and lightly effervescent, sweetened black tea is used as a functional probiotic food. It consists of a colony of yeast and bacteria which are responsible for initiating the process of fermentation once sugar is added to the tea. As a result of the fermentation process, Kombucha normally contains a huge number of natural and healthy bacteria which are known as the probiotics.

After fermentation, the beverage becomes a carbonated drink and it now contains vinegar, enzymes, B-vitamins, and probiotics. It also has a high acid concentration including lactic, acetic and gluconic acids. Kombucha’s bacteria are also known as cellulose producing bacteria, which means that they produce cellulose that’s used to shield cells.
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Many Kombucha Benefits Arise From Being The Best All Natural Probiotic

Unlike other probiotics, Kombucha is regarded as the best all natural probiotic because of its massive health benefits that extend from the brain, the heart, the stomach and most importantly, the gut. This top-rated all-natural beverage is loved by a lot of people because:Kombucha Benefits Nature's Probiotic

1. It Helps to Prevent Different Types of Diseases

Kombucha as a probiotic contains some of the most powerful antioxidants that can help to detoxify the body and protect it against diseases.

2. It Supports a Healthy Gut

The antioxidant prowess of Kombucha helps to counteract free radicals which create mayhem along the digestive tract. However, the main reason why this ancient tea supports the process of digestion is that of the high level of probiotics, enzymes, acids and amino acid all which are beneficial to the gut. Research studies also show that this beverage has the ability to heal or prevent stomach ulcers. Definitely a Kombucha benefit.

3. It’s a Powerful Antibacterial Agent

The bacteria found in it contains live cultures which destroy disease-causing bacteria.

4. Beneficial for the Lungs

It’s a potential treatment for silicosis, a lung disease that’s caused by prolonged exposure to silica particles. Chinese scientist discovered that inhaling Kombucha can help to treat Silicosis and other lung-related diseases which are caused by inhaling harmful materials.

5. Helps to Improve Mental State

This fermented beverage is capable of protecting the mind, too. It contains B-Vitamins, especially vitamin B12, which is known to increase the energy levels in the body and contributes to general mental wellbeing. The high volume of vitamin B12 is the reason why supplements at times contain elements of dry Kombucha products.

6. It’s Good for the Cardiovascular System

Kombucha benefits also extend to animals. Not only is this drink beneficial to humans, it also has benefits to animals. In animal models, this drink can help to reduce the level of triglyceride and also help to naturally regulate cholesterol levels.

7. Helpful in Managing Diabetes

Research studies show that consuming this drink without high sugar load can help to manage diabetes.

8. It Helps to Keep the Liver Healthy

The liver is an organ in the body which acts as a filter. It’s vital for digestion and helps to flush out harmful ingested compounds. Antioxidants found in Kombucha help to protect the liver from dangerous oxidative stress and also damage that’s induced by acetaminophen overdose.Kombucha Benefits Nature's Probiotic

How and When to Use Kombucha

To be clear there is no one specific way of how and when to use this fermented beverage. Kombucha benefits are many and varied. You can use it for liver detoxification, to increase energy levels in the body, to improve digestion, weight loss etc. When should you use Kombucha? Well, it all depends on how you use it. If you are using it for weight loss, then you should drink it 10 – 15 minutes before meals. Drink it during or after meals if you want it to aid the process of digestion. For energy, drink it in the morning while your stomach is still empty. If you are using Kombucha as a sleeping aid, then drink it at night.

Kombucha Precautions

A lot of people experience great benefits after drinking Kombucha with no adverse side effects. But because of its high acidity, always drink it at one sitting and wash your mouth to prevent damaging your teeth. If you have digestive problems such as stomach ulcers, heartburn or you are sensitive to very acidic foods, start by drinking small amounts in moderation then work your amount up gradually.

Conclusion on Kombucha Benefits

Have you tried Kombucha? We have not as yet, but as soon as we can create or find a Scoby, it is on our list to begin with a daily regimen. Let us know if you are using Kombucha and your thoughts on its benefits.


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