Matcha Provides Antioxidants For Your Daily Diet

Matcha is a finely ground green tea especially packed with antioxidants. Matcha provides Antioxidants that are necessary for your health that can and should be taken daily. It originated from Japan from the plant Camellia sinensis and is made of the actual green tea leaves that have been powdered. This plant is grown in a shady environment for a maximum of three weeks, only small young bright colored leaves are processed. While growing in the shade, the plant produces more theanine and caffeine which are the two chemicals that produce energy when drinking matcha.

Matcha Provides Antioxidants For A Healthy Body

Here are some of the many and varied Benefits of Drinking Matcha:

Reduce Stress and Increase Alertness: The best quality matcha is bright green while low-quality ones are dark in color and buyers should know dark colored matcha are made from old leaves. While high-quality matcha is made from young bright green leaves. Matcha provides Antioxidants and is a great supplement as it makes consumers feel good, reduce stress and curb drowsiness. The action of caffeine and theanine increase alertness improves the performance of switching tasks and increases attention.

Protects Teeth and Gums: A great health benefit for matcha is that it contains antimicrobial features especially the various types of catechins which are known to inhibit the growth of a bacteria Fusobacterium nucleatum which causes cavities and periodontal diseases in teeth and gums.Matcha Provides Antioxidants For Your Daily Diet

Antioxidants Have Healing Properties: Since matcha is made from top quality tea, its a source of proteins, vitamins, and minerals. The antioxidants and catechins found in matcha also have healing properties and preventative functions for people with heart diseases and cancer. The antioxidants in matcha look out to neutralizing the oxygen free radicals thereby neutralizing their harmful effects. So, they prevent the disorders and inflammations caused by oxidative stress. Catechins prevent high blood pressure, reduce platelets aggregation, stops the enlargement of the smooth muscle cells of the heart, prevent heart failure, prevent endothelial dysfunction, better blood sugar regulation among other heart-related illnesses. These antioxidants are also anti-aging factors, they regulate metabolism and prevent the growth of cancer cells.

Helps in Weight Loss, Natural Body Cleanser: Matcha provides Antioxidants at high levels, its used as a supplement to provide sufficient energy for people working out in gyms. Drinking matcha before going to the gym increases the rate of fat loss when working out. Apart from weight loss, matcha is a great detoxifier with its natural body cleansing elements and also ensure a proper circulation process. The benefit of consuming matcha as often as possible is that it does not stain teeth nor produce bad breath. Remember its benefits on teeth and gums.

Provides Energy and Endurance w/ NO Side Effects: Matcha provides good clean energy and endurance especially to fighters or people practicing music and dances. The energy from matcha supplements and a combination of other nutrients can keep them practicing or fighting for a longer time than when they take ordinary tea. This, however, does not cause any side effects or any alteration to blood pressure.Matcha Provides Antioxidants For Your Daily Diet

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Strengthens Immune System: Matcha provides Antioxidants that strengthen the immune system of individuals. This is because matcha contains antibiotic properties which help in boosting the health of individuals and protects the body from various antigens. Due to its nutrients combination, vitamins, calcium, proteins and iron. This nutrients form a shield to the human T-cells and prevent deadly viruses like influenza A virus from attacking the cells. The nutrients in matcha tea also bind with the lipid membrane and create an inhibitory effect against harmful pathogens, bacteria, and yeast.

Controls Type 2 Diabetes: Matcha tea leaves control type 2 diabetes by providing and maintaining a healthy metabolism in diabetic individuals and patients. This happens when the antioxidants in matcha tea reduce the hepatic glucose and minimize the levels of cholesterol and other sugars. This antioxidants in matcha tea prevent the renal and hepatic of the kidneys from being damaged by the end products or wastes.

Fights Against HIV Virus: Matcha provides Antioxidants like Epigallocatechin that is very effective in fighting against HIV virus, it also helps in the proper functioning of the HIV patients brains. This is made possible by the fast penetration of epigallocatechin in matcha tea into the blood cells and through the blood-brain barriers than is with Anti-retroviral drugs given to HIV patients.Matcha Provides Antioxidants For Your Daily Diet

Helps Prevent Development of Breast and Prostate Tumors: Matcha is used to add flavors to some food items, like muffins, cakes, green tea ice cream, and cookies among other foods. In North America, there are drinks containing matcha e.g. alcoholic drinks, smoothies, milkshakes among others. Daily intake of matcha accumulates EGCG nutrient in the blood cells thus preventing the development of breast and prostate tumors and other inflammations.

Heals Gastrointestinal Infections & Disorders: Matcha tea heals gastrointestinal infections and disorders by ensuring that fecal wastes are promptly removed and thus harmful toxins and chemicals are excreted from the body.

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