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Perfect Skin involves eating right. Never before have the words “You Are What You Eat” been more spot on. The right food is the key to beauty.

By eating raw foods, we’re changing who we are from the inside out. We become the kind of person, who treasures beauty and nature. Raw foods are made of energy and life. This energy that’s still available to you and your body, due to it not being ruined by cooking. Your body will be far more satisfied on a raw food diet than any other diet plan. And your body will reflect this outwardly too.

Your skin, nails, and hair will shine and be healthy if you start eating right. It’s not just vitamins that you need to eat either, minerals are just as important. Here are the top two minerals you should have in your diet:


This mineral will help the very of your body cells. Zinc will aid your body in cell growth, repair, and also will help your body to fight infection by producing more white blood cells. This mineral can also repair your liver and tissue, making it easier for your body to function. A deficiency of this mineral has been linked to skin and even hair loss disorders.Perfect Skin Routine: 'You Are What You Eat' Learn what foods to eat and have perfect skin, hair and nails.


If you have issues with your skin, this is the mineral for you. It can make your skin warm and glowing, along with helping the body to make collagen, which is the main protein in your hair and skin health. Sulfur even supports your immune system and how your body flushes toxins or utilizes nutrients.

So, what foods are there that will help you with beauty? There are many, but here are the top ones.


Cucumbers and Figs

Perfect Skin Tips #1. Cucumbers and Figs

Cucumbers with their skin, are high in the mineral silicon. It may be best to buy organic with these though, as the skin may have toxic chemicals on it that was used while the cucumbers were growing. The skin may even have wax on it, which is used to make them look shiny and new in the stores. For cleansing, this is an excellent choice.

Figs are very high in calcium and other vitamins and minerals. They have a lot of fiber, which may be a plus or not to you. They’re very alkaline and are actually at the top of the list for alkaline dried fruit.

Nuts and Seeds - Perfect Skin Tip #2

Perfect Skin Tips #2. Nuts and Seeds

The nuts and seeds you should eat may surprise you. The main nuts you should be looking for, are the Macadamia nuts. These have high levels of zinc and also selenium. The selenium helps the body to build powerful enzymes, which will help your skin health.

The seeds you should eat are a little more varied, and the best are either pumpkin or hemp seeds. Hemp seeds are very nutrient dense and have the complete set of amino acids. They’re high in protein, and both Omega 3 and Omega 6. Pumpkin seeds are very high in B vitamins, and phytonutrients, and healthy fats. These will benefit your skin so much, as they also are high in minerals.


Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera Perfect Tip #3

Perfect Skin Tips #3. Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera

Coconut oil can actually help to directly repair your skin. Many people like to use it topically for skin repair, but eating it also will help to repair your skin from the inside. It’s been shown to help control blood sugar and is even high in antioxidants. If you want to learn more about this oil, feel free to check out more information here:

Aloe Vera has been used by many topically for skin repair too. But this one is different from coconut oil because it’s actually known throughout the world as helping the body to heal very quickly. It’s very anti-inflammatory, and even when eaten can have these effects.

Turmeric Perfect Skin Tip #4

Perfect Skin Tips #4. Turmeric

Yes, spices can help you! This spice, in particular, is really anti-inflammatory and has been used by many people to even help manage pain. It’s also anti-microbial and has antioxidants too. This gentle spice will help to clean out your organs and blood, ultimately making your skin more clear.

Most of all, having a great perspective on life can really contribute to your physical health. If your state of mind is calm, you won’t be stressed and be causing your health to decline. How you think, is something that will ultimately make or break your diet plan. Having a great demeanor will attract people to you, and also make dieting so much easier.Perfect Skin Created Naturally

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