27 Healthy Exercise Ideas Without Breaking A Sweat

If your healthy exercise ideas are only about getting into your sportswear to work your body slim by sweating you’re missing out. Our lives are filled with tasks that have to be accomplished in our day to day living, be creative. Think of ways to make these tasks more fun. One thing that can help a person is always being on the move – where you stay active rather than just sitting in one place.

Always being on the move can be a stepping stone towards a healthier and happier life as our bodies tend to use more and more calories when we are active. Again, this can be achieved by deciding to take longer routes to reach your destination which can be as simple as parking just a little further from the entrance of a store.

It is also worth noting that an intense workout should not make you believe you can stay inactive for the next few days but, instead should be a continuous process. Sitting down for long hours affects our metabolic system due to lack of motion which is inviting to diseases little by little.

Some of the health hazards associated with lack of exercises include high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, depression, and cancer. Also, there is a new term for such diseases known as the sitting disease that scientists are attributing to staying immobile for long hours in our daily living according to a study James Levine, MD, Ph.D.

27 Healthy Exercise Ideas You Can Do To Stay Active During The Day

7 Healthy Exercise Ideas At Home

1. During commercial breaks of your favorite TV shows, take strolls in the house.
2. When using your phone, walk around the house.
3. After laundry, take each item upstairs separately.
4. Clean the yard by shoveling snow, mow the loan and rake leaves.
5. Always begin your morning with 16 alternating lunges, 16 squats, and 16 push-ups.
6. If you like reading, use your smartphone to buy a book that you can listen to instead of reading, and you can do it while you’re walking in the neighborhood or on the treadmill.
7. Dance to your favorite music while you’re cleaning.

27 Healthy Exercise Ideas Without Breaking A Sweat2

8 Healthy Exercise Ideas At Work

1. Drink a lot of water for more bathroom breaks.
2. Use the stairway to get to your workstation.
3. Make sure you walk around your office once every hour by setting the alarm on your computer.
4. Have meetings scheduled further from your workstation.
5. If possible get a working environment where you can stand.
6. You can also get a stability ball and do a few crunches per day.
7. Get yourself a work out partner at work during lunch breaks.
8. Also, remember working out for only one hour is not a justification for you to stay immobile for the rest of the day.

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5 Healthy Exercise Ideas While Traveling

1. Take strolls around the airport when waiting for your flight.
2. Walk instead of using the people conveyors.
3. Walk around the parking lot when at a stopover on a road trip.
4. Disembark the bus two stops away to your destination and walk the rest of the way.
5. Always insist on booking hotel rooms located on top floors to use the stairs instead of the elevator.

3 Healthy Exercise Ideas When You Are With Your Family

1. Instead of dinner dates with your partner plan something different together like yoga, bike rides, and hiking.
2. As an alternative to video games for your kids, have breaks where you can have fun with the Xbox or the Wii.
3. Get active and build a snowman with family during winter, also play Frisbee, bocce ball, or croquet.


4 Healthy Exercise Ideas When Running Errands

1. Give your car a break and walk to the hair salon, store, or coffee shop if possible.
2. Get creative and play around with your shopping bags by doing bicep curls.
3. Exhaust yourself by making sure you visit every corner of the mall when shopping.
4. Always park at the farthest spot to walk extra steps to get to the store.

Use all of the ways illustrated above and you can see how much more active you will become. Work on each phase and then build on that work. Little by little you will feel better, lose needed weight and build on the needs of your cardiovascular system.

Let us know if you have tried any other creative and healthy exercise ideas and how it is working for you. Our readers all are looking for information on being more fit.

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