Dead Sea Mud Benefits For Your Skin

The minerals in the Dead Sea Mud are infused so precisely into it, that the mud actually contains some microscopic minerals, that penetrate your skin pores and nourish your skin. The minerals in the mud are what help to improve blood circulation. These Dead Sea Mud Benefits help to smooth out wrinkles, thus promoting a natural, youthful glow and leaving you with soft and silky skin.

I had never thought about mud from the Dead Sea but when planning a trip to Israel last spring I, of course, wanted to experience the Dead Sea Mud. The sea is so alkaline that you can literally lay on top of the water, it has a thickness to support your body. The one thing I had not read about before was the healing properties of Dead Sea Mud.

Since the sea is lower in sea level than most places on earth the minerals are more readily available at the surface. These have proven to have many benefits.Dead Sea Mud Benefits For Your Skin

Who Discovered The Dead Sea Mud Benefits?

The early cultures living around the Dead Sea realized that the Dead Sea itself and its mud, in particular, possessed magical, beauty enhancing characteristics. The mud is extremely rich with minerals in general and sulfur in particular, known for its revitalizing abilities. For thousands of years, tons upon tons of sediment flowed into the Dead Sea and settled on the bottom. The salt to water ratio increased so much that the sea could not maintain flora and fauna and was therefore designated a “dead” sea and the salts are now ingrained in its mud.

When you want to look healthy and fit, your skin plays a vital role but what is even more important is having a naturally good looking skin. Attaining good looks without the use of any artificial substances and cosmetics may sound impossible, but it’s not. The secret of those good looks has existed back in far ancient times dating to the time of Cleopatra. The secret lies in the mud available from the Dead Sea. This mud is rich in natural minerals and substances that can enhance the beauty of the skin in countless ways.

The products made from the Dead Sea mud, salts and minerals are many and diversified. They include skin moisturizers, facial masks, exfoliating products, foundations, hair & nail products, and more, which are enriched with Dead Sea minerals to nourish the skin and hair. Dead Sea facial masks often include Dead Sea mineral-rich mud combined with plant extracts. These are used to purify the skin. What it does is absorb the excess sebum, leaving the skin matte and restored.

The Dead Sea minerals, mixed with a combination of vitamins and oils, are included in moisturizes to nourish the skin and help prevent signs of aging. What would make a better salt-scrub for the body than Dead Sea salt? They are combined with soothing oils, to exfoliate the skin for a silky and smooth finish. As a product by itself with no additives, the salts can be used as a bath scrub. While you soak in a bath using the salts, the invigorating minerals help relax the muscles and enhance skin softness.Dead Sea Mud Benefits For Your Skin

First Spa: Cleopatra Dead Sea Bathing

Owing perhaps in some part to Elizabeth Taylor, Cleopatra is famous for her beauty and eroticism. She conquered two of the greatest figures in history, seducing both Caesar and Mark Anthony. Her secrets to looking young and beautiful owe in part to the Dead Sea. Perhaps her beauty was that magnificent, perhaps not, but what we do know is that her beauty treatments were an integral part of her life. She was known for setting up the first documented healthy spas on the banks of the Dead Sea. She used the power of the Dead Sea to maintain her historic beauty far longer than most women of her time.

There are plenty of Dead Sea Mud benefits including treating various skin conditions, naturally uplifting the skin beauty and even help fight away the effects of age. This was actually the secret of the great Cleopatra herself, that made her a timeless beauty who is still known throughout the world. The visible effects will be apparent when you use this black mud the very first time. It can be applied to your body and face, and it is safe to use by everyone. This magical Dead Sea mud benefits can be used to treat various other health conditions as well.

Removes Impurities From The Skin

Human skin has hundreds of invisible pores that can absorb various impurities from the polluted air. They provide a home for toxic wastes absorbed through the air including chemicals from vehicles and industrial pollutants. This can, in turn, make your skin look dull, tired and even can result in various skin diseases and infections. In the worst cases, these impurities can also become the reason for serious diseases like skin cancer. It is very important to detoxify your skin and get rid of all those impurities from deep inside the pores.

One of the main Dead Sea mud benefits is that it dries on the skin and during the process, it pulls all the impurities and toxins out of the skin. It also removes the dead skin cells which in turn helps in regrowth of new cells. The mud works as a perfect detoxification agent on the skin surface. It removes dirt and oil without disturbing the skin’s ph level and natural moisture content. You get a radiant and fresh looking skin after washing your face and body post application of this mud. The natural minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, bromide, and zinc are present in a highly concentrated form in this Dead Sea mud. These help your skin become soft and supple as well as removing age linesWoman covered in mud at the dead sea

Natural Anti-Aging Properties

Some of the other Dead Sea mud benefits are the ability to treat acne and tighten the skin. Sebum is the main cause of acne development and it can get worse with time. The only way to get rid of the problem is by removing excess sebum from the pores of your skin. Since Dead Sea mud can easily pull out this substance from your pores, you can see a visible reduction in acne over a period of time. The continued application can permanently treat acne and prevent re-occurrence. The minerals in the Dead Sea mud even kill the bacteria that causes some other acne and you can rely on it for a good looking, healthy skin.

The Dead Sea mud benefits have been a proven product to help your skin look younger and retard the aging process. It has natural cell stimulant properties that can improve blood circulation and remove wrinkles. You can see a reduction in lines and your skin getting tighter and tones within a matter of weeks. Your skin naturally becomes younger looking and you will be able to discard many of your cosmetics you are using to conceal the age marks. With regular use of this black mud, you can enjoy enhanced benefits and look young even when you are in the 50s and 60s.

Dead Sea Mud Benefits On Hair

Yes, this magical mud is not just for your skin but has impressive results in people suffering from hair problems also. Just like your skin, your hair follicles and the roots are subjected to various impurities in the environment. This can result in problems such as thinning of hair, hair loss, dandruff and other problems that are common today. When you apply a Dead Sea mud pack on your head, it removes dandruff, strengthens the roots and increases the volume and shine in your hair. You can gain beautiful natural hair.

Provides Relief From Various Pains

There is also evidence Dead Sea mud benefits to you in relieving pain due to osteoarthritis and other conditions. Since the mud has minerals that enhances blood circulation. Applying a pack on the pain areas can relieve pain more effectively than most medicines. This can be beneficial in knee pain which is a common occurrence due to age-related factors in seniors. NOTE: This treatment cannot be an alternative to medical therapies and medication but can be used as an additional method to get relief from pain.

Treats Psoriasis and Eczema

Many people suffer from extremely dry skin conditions that can be quite irritating. It can cause itching, inflammation and various other side effects. The Dead Sea mud benefits your skin with its natural moisturizing substances that can treat these conditions. You can even expect to permanently get rid of many skin problems with the regular use of Dead Sea mud. Apply it to the affected areas and leave it until dry. Allow to dry and then wash it away using plain water. you should begin to see a difference after the first use.

Using the Dead Sea Mud

This black mud from the Dead Sea is very easy to use and you do not need any recommendation from a skin expert to use it. It comes in both powdered and cream forms and you can use the one that you are more comfortable with. The powder can be mixed with water to make a thick paste and then apply on your face like any other face pack. You need to let it completely dry and then wash it off with water. It is recommended that you do not use any cleanser or any other face wash product. Even after washing there will be invisible residues of the mud on your skin that will still be working. Should you want to use some cleanser or cosmetic, just wait for an hour after the first washing.

Enjoy the secret of Egyptian Queens in your home, this mud can be purchased at many department stores or on Amazon. Seek a reputable source and prepared to be amazed at the results after the very first application.


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