Remove Arm Fat Fast with 10 Quick Exercises

Flabby arms and sagging fat plagues many lives. You desperately need ways to remove arm fat fast. If you’ve been feeling this way, you’re not alone. It’s an all-too-familiar problem these days: flabby arms drive so many of us to tears. There’s nothing worse than going on a shopping trip and trying on that perfect dress you’ve been eyeing up all week, only to find that it leaves your arms exposed. Ever feel that way? Or what about sun-bathing? Is the thought alone enough to send you into a panic?

Well then, it’s about time you got yourself toned up! It is not an impossible feat to remove arm fat fast. Below you’ll find our comprehensive guide to losing arm fat once and for all. If you follow the guidelines properly you’ll lose that excess fat and gain beautifully strong, toned arms that others will envy.

SPOILER ALERT: Some words about spot reducing: Spot reducing is one of the most common misconceptions about weight loss. Most people think you can just pick a spot on your body you want to lose weight from, and work that part. THIS IS UNTRUE.

Scientific evidence shows that our bodies store and distribute fat all over our bodies and that our genes can dictate where exactly our biggest fat deposits are. That’s why some people are a little bigger around the tummy or the hips. But to shift the padding you need to work it off altogether. Think about it: if we could just work the fat off in one area and not others, then why don’t we see people who have flabby bellies with bodybuilder’s arms? You can’t just work your arms harder and expect the fat on them to go away. You might build a bit of muscle, but your arms won’t look any different because the fat will still be sitting there on top of the muscle. To achieve the toning you long for, you’ll need to work off the fat all over as you focus on building up some real strength in your arms.

Now we know that might not sound all that encouraging. Perhaps now you’re wondering to yourself: “how can I ever do this?” But keep the faith and don’t lose heart! We are here to help!

Remove Arm Fat Fast - 10 Easy Exercises

Remove Arm Fat Fast

WOW! if spot reducing doesn’t work, what DOES? We’ve explained how body fat gets distributed. A cleaner, healthier diet combined with cardiovascular exercise and strength training will improve your overall health and help you lose the extra pounds. As your health improves and you lose weight gradually across your body, you can start doing exercises for your arms.

We have developed a routine of various exercises designed specifically to remove arm fat fast and tone up your flabby biceps, triceps, and shoulders, and you can do it while you’re losing the weight. Bit by bit the saggy fat will fade away and you’ll get some toned, shapely arms where once there was only flab. You’ll gain a pair of arms that you can be proud of, and soon you won’t be afraid to wear that sleeveless dress or go to the beach in your favorite swimsuit!

Dont Be Afraid of Sleeveless Outfits

But how can you achieve this goal? Keep reading and learn…

1.  A good, clean diet.
Weight loss starts with a decent, healthy diet. How can you expect your body to lose fat if you are still putting fatty foods into it? It’s impossible. Think of your body as a machine. You need to put the most efficient fuel into it so that it can give you the power that it’s capable of. Of course, changing your diet is easier said than done, but once you get started you’ll find it easier to keep going. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind.

•  Fill your meals with healthy vegetables. Vegetables like carrots and broccoli are loaded with nutritional goodness but are low in calories, so you can eat lots of them, and they’ll make you feel good, too!

•  Add a good, lean protein to every meal. Stay clear of those with trans fats and added sugars. Be selective about what proteins you buy. Remember, beef and pork tend to be loaded with fats, especially if they’re offcuts. Fish, eggs, and nuts and beans provide an excellent, healthy alternative to fatty meats – and they’re super tasty, too!

•  Include a good, healthy carbohydrate in every meal. Switch your white rice and pasta for the wholegrain varieties. Try sweet potato as a delicious alternative to fries. Be careful with white potatoes – they’re loaded with calories.

•  Try using less oil in your cooking. It makes you pile on the pounds at lightning speed. Consider investing in high-quality non-stick cookware which doesn’t need so much oil.

•  Almond milk is a great healthy alternative to dairy, and it tastes amazing, too.

•  Cut down on dairy products like cheese and cream. A low-fat yogurt makes a great alternative to a cheesy snack!

•  Switch your chocolates and unhealthy snacks for tasty fruit. When you get a craving for chocolate, eat some strawberries instead. This will keep your sweet tooth happy so that you won’t be bothered by chocolate cravings. Try adding fruit to your breakfast cereal instead of sugar.

•  Avoid processed food, steer clear of things with added sugars and remember: if it looks like it came off a production line… it probably did! Take care when choosing the right pre-packaged meals. Check the ingredients for hidden problem foods and consider whether you want to put all that stuff into your body.

•  Keep yourself hydrated by drinking water regularly. Coffee and green tea are good for you too. Avoid soda and fruit juice – that’s right, fruit juice! Unless you squeezed it out of the fruit yourself, there’s no knowing what they put in that bottle to keep it tasting good. Fruit juice is often loaded with sugar and artificial sweeteners to keep it tasting good, and it packs on the pounds.

•  Avoid alcohol. It’s one of the biggest culprits when it comes to gaining weight. Alcohol makes you gain weight all by itself, but if that weren’t bad enough, it also makes you hungry, so you’ll feel like snacking. And it lowers your self-control, so it’ll tempt you to ditch your diet and reach for those tasty chocolates you should be avoiding. You don’t want alcohol’s empty calories packing the weight back on after all your hard work!

Changing up your diet will take perseverance, so you’ll need to be firm with yourself when you are first starting a new food style. Once you grow accustomed to your new diet, your body will begin to crave fruit and healthy snacks instead of fries and potato chips and chocolates. That alone can only be a good thing!

Reject Sagging Arm Fat & Get Toned Arms

2.  Cardiovascular exercise.
It’ll burn calories and cut body fat like a knife, so do it, and keep pushing yourself to do it! Keep reminding yourself of the results you want – to remove arm fat fast and those wonderful strong arms you crave. They’re not going to appear all by themselves!

Designate time out of your day for cardio, and make sure that time goes to good use. There’s no point doing it if you’re not going to push yourself. You could spend an hour doing a nice, relaxing, easy routine but it’s not going to be as effective as a sharp twenty-minute high-intensity routine! Make your cardio time worthwhile. When your heart rate’s thumping and your breath’s coming through the mouth, you know you’re doing it right. If you have time to relax or thing during a routine then that’s when you know it’s time to push things up a bit.

Aim to do 4-5 days a week of cardio training – and make it good, effective training.

1.   Strength training.
Who wants fat sitting around on their bodies? It just flops around and does nothing useful. But muscle? Now THAT’S worth having! It looks great, and it works for you, too. The more muscle you have, the easier it’ll be to push yourself. You’ll burn those calories like you’re on fire. In addition to our arm strength guide, you should also aim to get a full body strength training session at least twice a week.

You can take a look at WebMD’s article on Arm Exercises: The Best Arm Exercises

Remove Saggy Arm Fat Get Toned Now

10 Exercises Designed To Remove Arm Fat Fast

So let’s get to it with some solid exercises that’ll get you the strong, toned arms you crave. We’ve designed our workout to work every part of the arm – biceps, triceps, and shoulders. Follow our routine, combine it with our healthy eating guide above, and you’ll get a toned upper body that people around you will envy.

1 light pair of dumbbells (5-8lbs) for moves that involve longer arm movements – like the Elevated Bicep Curls and the Shoulder T’s.
1 heavier pair of dumbbells (10-12 pounds) for moves such as the Straight Arm Press Backs and Yogi Squat Concentration Curls.
Shoot for 10-12 repetitions, then repeat the set.

Remove Arm Fat Fast with 10 Quick Exercises 1-5

1. Tricep Push-Up On Knees

For triceps, chest, and shoulders. This is an amazing move that’ll help tone all of these areas. And you’ll be on your knees, which means you can do more reps. Here are the steps to performing a Tricep Push-Up on Knees:
1) Begin in a kneeling plank position with arms directly below shoulders and body in a straight line back to knees.
2) Lower chest 2 inches from the floor keeping elbows close to your side. Exhale and slowly push back to start position.

2. Shoulder T

Beautiful shoulders at your beck and call – what more could you ask for? This move will strengthen your shoulders, putting them through a range of motions. It’ll also stabilize your rotator cuff.
1) Starting with feet together and dumbbells at sides with palms facing in.
2) Engage abs and lift dumbbells in front of the body to shoulder height. Open arms out to sides rotating dumbbells parallel to the floor.
3) Slowly lower dumbbells down to sides and then return to the front of the body. Repeat.

3. Straight Arm Press Back

This one will get the backs of your arms and shoulders going. Feel the burn in your core and back as well as your triceps!
•  Stand facing forward towards the weight stack at a lat-pulldown station with your feet shoulder-width apart.
•  Reach up and grasp a standard lat-pulldown bar or long straight bar with an overhand (pronated) grip, hands shoulder-width apart, arms straight.
•  Start with the bar at shoulder level, arms extended and parallel to the floor.<
•  Bend your knees slightly, keeping your head straight and lower back in a natural arch. Lean forward a bit and inhale deeply.
•  Keeping your arms straight, pull the bar down toward your thighs into a wide, sweeping arc, focusing on using just your lats as you pull.
•  Exhale as you pass the midpoint of the move, and squeeze your lats hard once the bar reaches your thighs.
•  Return to the starting position in a smooth, controlled motion, stopping once your arms are parallel to the floor.Angry woman concerned about arm fat.

4. Tricep Dips

It’s time to wave goodbye to flabby arms. This move will cut the sag out once and for all.
•  Position your hands shoulder-width apart on a secured bench or stable chair.
•  Slide your butt off the front of the bench with your legs extended out in front of you.
•  Straighten your arms, keeping a little bend in your elbows to keep tension on your triceps and off your elbow joints.

5. Side Plank With Arm Extension

This great multitasking exercise will tone up your waistline while putting your arms and shoulders to work.
Step 1: Come to your side plank, resting on your elbow with the forearm stretching forward. Grab your dumbbell, stack or stagger the feet and raise the hips off the ground. Make sure your hips are completely aligned — not rolling forward or backward. Side-Plank-Arm-Extension
Step 2: Keep the dumbbell close to the body as you pull the elbows up, then unhinge the arm and extend it over your shoulder. Keep a soft elbow at the top to keep the muscles working and the joints protected. Slowly lower it down, reversing the path at the same tempo.
Remove Arm Fat Fast with 10 Quick Exercises 6-10

6. Reverse Table Top Plank

A good exercise to stretch the chest and arms. With this move, you’ll open the front of your body, and it’ll strengthen up your glutes and your lower back.
•  Begin by sitting on the floor with your legs extended in front of you and your arms resting at your sides in Seated Staff Pose (Dandasana).
•  Bend your knees and place your feet flat on the floor. Place your hand’s several inches behind your hips, shoulder-width apart. Press your palms flat, and turn your fingertips inward so they point in the same direction you are facing (toward your toes).
•  Inhaling, press firmly into your hands and feet. Straighten your elbows, and lift your hips up toward the ceiling. Draw your shoulder blades firmly into your back and lift your chest. Try to bring your chest, torso, and knees into one straight line, parallel to the floor.
•  Keep your legs active and firm, but do not squeeze your buttocks. Press down through all ten toes. If you are comfortable here, then gently drop your head back so that the crown of your head faces the floor. Gaze gently at the wall behind you. Breathe softly.
Hold for 5-10 breaths. To release, slowly lower your hips to the mat. Extend your legs and come back into Dandasana.

7. Elevated Bicep Curl

Your shoulders will stabilize you while you get your biceps working to curl.
•  Stand upright holding your dumbbells. Extend the dumbbells straight out to the sides level with your shoulders.
•  Hold your palms upright and slowly curl the dumbbells toward your shoulders.

8. Dolphin Dive

Dolphins have blubber, but this move will give you the opposite of blubber. It’ll give you a fantastic stretch and get your upper back and core tones up at the same time
•  Begin in Quarter Dog with the forearms parallel. Press your hips and shoulders back toward your feet, lengthening through your spine. Tilt your tailbone up slightly to feel a stretch in your lower back.
•   With fingers spread wide, take a deep breath in, and as you exhale, dive forward, lowering the chin so it’s barely touching the floor in front of the fingertips. The shoulders should hover over the wrists, and the elbows should remain in line with the middle fingers.
Inhale and press back to Quarter Dog. Complete two to three sets of 10 to 15 reps.

9. Tricep Overhead Extension

More great work for your upper arms. As you’ve guessed, this one will get the triceps pumping.
•  Grab a pair of dumbbells and stand tall with your feet shoulder-width apart. Brace your core—as if you’re about to get punched in the gut—and squeeze your glutes. Maintain these contractions the entire exercise.
•  Press the weights over your head until your arms are straight and your biceps are next to your ears. Your palms should face each other. This is the starting position.
•  Without moving your upper arms, bend your elbows to lower the weights behind your head until your forearms are at least parallel to the floor. Pause, then straighten your arms to return to the starting position.

10. Yogi Squat with Concentration Curls

•  Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart and your palms facing in. Hold 2-pound dumbbells in your hands and ensure your elbows are close to your body.

•  Exhale, flex both your knees and squat until your thighs are parallel to the ground.
•  As you do the above step, flex both your elbows and press them against the inner thighs. Bring your hands up to your shoulders. Be in this position for 10-15 seconds.

Repeat this 4 more times (1 set – 5 reps). Take a 1-minute break and do 1 more set.

It’s always good to end on a positive note. Finish your routine with this deep stretch in the hips and build some beautiful biceps.

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