Body Weight Workouts For Women

Fit woman performing body weight workouts for women

By this point, just about anyone who is interested in body weight workouts or losing weight has heard of HIIT (high intensity interval training). These workouts have become wildly popular due to their tremendous fat burning abilities in a short amount of time. Body weight workouts for women involving HIIT may take longer than the …

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Calisthenics Workouts for Women

Athletic woman doing calisthenics workouts hanging upside down on horizontal bar at fitness gym

Calisthenics workouts for women might not be the first thing that comes into your mind when you think of calisthenics. We are accustomed to seeing men doing calisthenics workouts on televisions and in magazines. However, it’s important to note that women have done these challenging bodyweight exercises for many years. Calisthenics Workouts in Grade Schools …

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Chair Yoga Poses and Benefits

Chair Yoga Poses and Benefits YLO

Yoga has been a popular activity for many years, with proven physical and clinical benefits. Chair Yoga is a newer program that is earning a rightful reputation as a unique variety of yoga in its own right. The world is in the middle of an obesity epidemic, caused by poor diet and inactivity. It is …

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